Got some of the best fics of GW, Yami no Matsuei, Saiyuki, Gravitation, Fake, Ai no Kusabi and Slamdunk for recommendation. Come and have a look. Am not saying that my choices are INDEED the best but, I guarantee, that they are among the good/best ones..
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Some Tips & Resources for GW Yaoi Webmasters
New to the web? Just learned html? Here's a set of links to some good resources.

Free Web Hosts
One caveat about the word *free*: you get what you pay for. Service might be good for a couple months or a year and then they disappear (ie. www.envy.nu) or they put bandwidth restrictions (ie. Geocities). So keep in mind that though these hosts I recommend may be good as of this date (see bottom to check when this page was last updated), they may not always be so.

ZeroCatch - 100 megs of space. Banner ads, FTP support. For the moment, it's one of the most reliable and fast servers. There's a network of affiliates so you can take your pick of whatever url suits your fancy: Batcave.Net, 1Accesshost.com, FCPages.com and probably more that I don't know about.

Topcities.com - Another ok server. 150 megabytes of space, unlimited bandwidth, free subdomains, FTP support.

Tripod-Lycos or Angelfire-Lycos - Tripod and Angelfire are now part of the Lycos network, the second largest free web page service after Yahoo! Geocities, if not bigger. Only 20 MB of space here but then you get a lot more bandwidth (1GB here) than at Zerocatch.

Dreamwater - 50MB, fairly fast, no popups, unlimited bandwidth!

For some sites that actually allow scripting, you'll have to go with smaller webspace accounts. See Redrival (SSI), Brinkster (ASP) or Prohosting (CGI) and Xoasis (CGI, PHP). Note that these servers are usually slower than the ones without scripting support. If you want a reliable server, you'll have to pay. Use HostSearch and TopHosts as your starting point or check out my article on commercial webhosts.

If none of these providers satisfy you, check out FreeWebsiteProviders.Com, a great resource.

Content-Specific Free Web Hosts
GWYaoi.com - This is my other domain. If you have a nice 1x2 site that needs hosting, email me and I'll see what I can do. Generally I give out 50 MB space, 500MB bandwidth, your own subdomain, no email though. If you need more space or bandwidth, let me know.

Populli.net - offers free hosting for slash and fan sites. Comes with a subdomain, 3 email addresses, 15MB of space.

Again, don't forget to look at the plethora of sites that evaluate the free webhost providers: Free-webhosts.com is a searchable database of over 1,200 free hosts updated daily. There's also 100-best-free-webspace.com and Findmyfreehost.com.

Learning HTML, DHTML, Scripting, etc
For beginners, I recommend Beginning HTML Tutorials or HtmlGoodies which have basic, easy to understand tutorials. For advanced people, there are a number of great reference sites. First should be: W3.org. I usually go there for CSS tips but you can also find a good intro at CSS.nu. Other good reference sites for more advanced developers: Builder.com, Internet.com, Webmonkey, Project Cool, and Htmlcodetutorial.

What's a cgi script? Why use them? They allow you to do interactive things on the web, like guestbooks, forums, counters, databases, searching and even web portals etc. You can either get a hosted cgi script from the likes of places like CGISpy, or Bravenet. Most people are just looking for a counter and some site statistics. Try Textcounter.org and Extremetracking.com. You can also check out more remotely hosted scripts from the Hotscripts directory.

Ultimately, if you have the time and patience, the most reliable method is to install one of your own (no ads!) and customise it, if your web server supports scripting. Look for scripts at these repositories: Hotscripts and ResourceIndex. Then read How To Install a Perl script and an Introduction to Perl and CGI.

Graphics & Design
OK, content isn't always king, and design and presentation are just as important. Poorly formatted fanfic and an unorganized, chaotic webpage will drive people away even if the content is good. I notice that lots of people like to use frames and popups, but keep in mind that they make it difficult for surfers to bookmark your site and come back to the page they want.

For graphics, visit GifWorks.com for a free gif library, and even a 3d text maker. Cooltext.com is another neat site that will help you with generating a custom logo. If you're just looking for backgrounds or textures, check out GifPile which maintains a directory of links to free graphics archives.

If you need something specifically yaoi-related, and you want a grab a pic from another person's webpage, just email the webmaster of the site and ask permission. Generally, people will allow you to use their scans or pics if you give credit to them - put their email and/or link back to their site. Linking is what makes the web so useful!

Some Gundam Wing image galleries that allow you to take graphics (check each site for details): G-Wing Picture Archive, Sumire's GW Cel Art Gallery (may have to click refresh alot, Fortunecity server doesn't always show all the pics) and 1,500+ pictures at ZeroSystem (not yaoi-friendly, sniff).

Of course, making your own graphics is ideal. I recommend Photoshop if you can afford it. Your university bookstore may sell a lower-priced academic version. The poor man's version of Photoshop is Paint Shop Pro, which you can download and evaluate for 30 days. If you do get Photoshop, visit the Photoshop Tutorials Search Engine and the ActionXchange.

The best way to learn good design is to visit other sites and see what they're doing. Some of my favourites are Doc Ozone, Aqa-D.Se, and Infinite Fish.

Where to Advertise
Submit your site url to the following places, and join a few webrings and cliques.

The best method I've found is to submit your url to the Open Directory Project. Be careful to follow their guidelines, and eventually, smaller specialised search engines everywhere will pick up your url and site description. You can also submit directly to Google, but if your site is brand new, it'll probably take about a month to be listed. Of course, the more people linking to you, the more likely you'll be included when the search engine crawlers go roaming. If you want more info about ranking and your link popularity, visit this great resource: SearchEngineWatch.com.

Specialized Directories:
AnimeSpy, AnimeOnline are newer and there's no guarantee how long they'll stay up, but J-Fan.com and YaoiFan.net seem to be stable for now. The former are all automated directories, more organized & up-to-date than Anipike. However these two are musts: the Fan Fiction Directory and Minotaur's Slash Page Database Project.

Yaoi Web Rings:
Sometimes I think webrings are more trouble than they're worth, since webmasters don't always follow the rules and there are always broken links galore. But if you've got the time and energy, check these out: Anti-Anti-Yaoi Ring - Bishounen Underground Ring - Boygasm Ring - Boys Heaven Yaoi Ring - Boysluts Ring - The B Word Ring - Gorgeous Fiends Ring - I Love Boys Who Love Boys Ring - Karmic Circle Ring - Yaoi Fanfiction Ring - Yaoi Webring For Girls- 1x2x1 Ring

Support Cliques:
I don't think support cliques do much for promoting your site, but they're fun. A few of my favorites are I Support Yaoi, Love is Love, and the 1x2 Fanlisting.

And of course let us know about your new site on 1x2ML and the GWA BBS. :)

Site Maintenance - Fixing Dead Links
Xenu's Link Sleuth is freeware and a *must* download. I have over 1000+ links on this site, and I was able to check all of them in under 10 minutes.

If you don't like Xenu, there are many other link validation services and software programs out there. For comparison there is Lithops Software's HTML Link Validator (shareware) and Rel Software's Link Checker Lite (freeware). Or just type "link validation" into Google and you'll get lots of hits.

More Webmaster Resources
Just go to any freebie directory and you'll find truckloads of stuff. First try ReallyBig and if you can't find what you want there, check out Freecenter, TheFreeSite, FreeSiteTools and GraphicsFreebies.

The Bitter Taste of Tears
This site is my 1x2/2x1 fanfiction archive. I will add a gallery soon and there are links to other great 1x2/2x1 centered sites, as well.
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