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First of all...
Genki: Scanlations are a cross between translations and scans of unlicensed manga or doujinshi, so you've basically got scans with the translations stuck into them. Most of the series listed here are shoujo romance themed because I'm a sap and that's what I like to read most. If anyone knows of some good series please feel free to e'mail me.

Added May 25th: Favorites will have the title in blue.

Added May 4th: Scanlations with their status line in purple have new parts out since the last update I've made to the site.

Downloading Scanlations
There are several different ways to go about downloading scanlations. The files are almost always in .zip format.

The simplest way is just a http download. The site has a link to the file, you click on it, and happy day! There's the next chapter to Hikaru No Go! Most places that host scans this way have rules the prohibit the use of download managers, direct linking, and some have you wait a certain amount of time between each download. Overall, in my opinion, this is the easiest way to download things.

Next would be to download the files using mIRC. If a site has a channel for downloading their scanlations they usually say so in a very obvious place. :) For more detail about how to download scanlations from mIRC go here.

Another way I've seen to get to scanlations would be via Streamload. The drawback to this would be you have to pay money in order to be able to download more than 10 megabytes worth of stuff a month. Seeing as a single chapter of scanlations could take that I don't recommend this method unless you're an extremely patient person, are desperate, or are willing to spend some money. If you fall into one of those three categories you can go to Streamload and start an account. Once you've got an account you can head over to Noated and search around for people to send you files. Some sites also offer to streambeam their scanlations to Streamload accounts.

You don't see it too much, but some sites are starting to use BitTorrent, a little thing you'll have to download. It basically lets other people get scanlation files from you while you're getting files from the site or another person. The little program will just sit in your computer and you can go about downloading stuff (like you would http downloads), happy as a clam.

Finally, some places have a Yahoo! Group, and they put some chapters there for downloading. You'll have to join the group to get to this stuff.

If you looked hard enough you could probably get anything that has been scanlated off of mIRC or through streamload. The drawback to http downloading and Yahoo! Groups is that it takes up massive amounts of bandwidth, so it has more limits.

Any questions? Did I miss something? Feel free to let me know!

Scanlation Recs
Shoujo: School Romance

Here we have the classic school girl love stories. A lot of these become almost like a soap-opera. A good example of that would be Imadoki, which has girl one in love with a guy who has to marry a girl out of family duty, whom was suppose to actually marry his older brother, but the older brother ran away to escape that oppressed life and later fell in love with girl one! Confused yet? ^_^;

Atashi wa Bambi [Hush]

  • Synopsis: "In Junior High, Mai was unattractive and unpopular. Determine to make a new fresh start, she waltz into Senior High with a new look and new attitude. The moment she set eyes on Ishigaki Sen, she deemed him cool and developed a crush on him. But, Sen's best friend, Yaezou, tells her to back off, because "Sen is mine"." (taken from Hush)
  • Comments: This one is a quickie, but don't let it’s short length chase you away! Since it's not done yet I have no clue how it's going to turn out, but I'm impatiently waiting for the next chapter. I’m torn on which character to root for in winning Sen over.
  • Status: Nine chapters out of eleven done.
  • Download Method: Http downloads
Hanazakari no Kimitachi E (For You In Full Blossom) [Various places, go here for a list.]
  • Synopsis: After seeing Sano Izumi doing the high jump on TV it was Mizuki's dream to see him jump in real life. So she left the U.S. and moved to Japan, dressing as a boy so she could enroll into the all boy's school Sano was attending.
  • Comments: I downloaded the first few chapters, and after reading them I went scrambling to mIRC for more. I *love* this series. It's hilarious, has splendid artwork, and has all the troubled romance a shoujo fan will ever need.
  • Status: Scanlations have been done for about nineteen volumes (it looks like volume twenty-one is got about done too, but I haven't been able to find anything for volume twenty), with random chapters further on, and I think there is a total of twenty-one volumes. There are random chapters throughout the series that have not been scanlated, but you can get a hold of the Chinese(?) scans and English translations.
  • Download Method: Http downloads, mIRC
    • Note: You can't get much of this series from http downloads, you've really got to go hunting on mIRC. I went to and and was able to get just about everything from those two channels.
Imadoki [Watase's Sorai]
  • Synopsis: Yamazaki Tanpopo meet a friendly boy the day before school started, but the next day he was a very cold person, and said he didn't remember her. In a fit of annoyance Tanpopo declares (in front of the entire school) that she will befriend him.
  • Comments: I found this series pretty amusing and cute. Beware it does become quite the soap opera!
  • Status: My goodness, this one is complete with five volumes!
  • Download Method: mIRC, Streamload
Kare First Love [Hush]
  • Synopsis "Karin is an average student, bookworm and too coward to stand up for herself, thus, is often hurt and made used of. But all is about to change when she meets Kiriya." (taken from Hush)
  • Comments: This is one of the first series I downloaded scanlations for, and what a lovely way to be introduced to scanlations. Karin is a very shy type of girl, but Kiriya won't let her hide. Very cute series. Typical shoujo.
  • Status: Nine chapters out of four volumes complete.
  • Download Method: Http Downloads, Yahoo! Groups
Penguin Brothers [Certhy, Manga Downloads]
  • Synopsis: "In Tokiwa Secondary Academy, there are three groups of students: The White, the Black, and the Gray. Classrooms are split, fights are fought between the White and Black, and generally, the school is a site of war." (taken from Manga Jouhou]
  • Comments: Mishima Hina is determined to nuke the wacky system the school has, and that's what this series is mainly about. Not as much romance as what's in the other series in the section, but it's still got some.
  • Status: Twenty chapters out of five volumes.
  • Download Method: Http downloads, mIRC

If you like the shoujo theme, here are a few other series worth looking at:

Shoujo: The Other Stuff

Still classified as shoujo, but definitely different from the normal school life stuff. Most of these have much deeper and original plot lines, and aren't as fluffy as the series that focus on romance.

Anatolia Story [Manga Coalition]

  • Synopsis: Yuuri is sucked into the ancient Hittite Empire. The Queen is after her blood, and her savior is a horny prince. Well, ain't life just dandy?
  • Comments: This series starts out looking like it's going to just be a normal life romance, but it quickly turns darker after a few chapters. The artwork is a bit old in style, but the story makes up for it.
  • Status: Nine chapters complete out of 28 volumes, uhh, it'll be a little while before this one is complete I think...
  • Download Method: mIRC
    • Note: Ack..the last couple parts to come out haven't been too great, I'm considering taking this series down. I'll wait and see how the next few chapters are.

Shounen ai/Yaoi

Most of these are shoujo romance (some are quite different though), and are just down here for the sake of separating the shounen ai/yaoi.

Inu mo Akurekeba [Obsession]

  • Synopsis: A dog loved a human, so he prayed to the moon to become human. Now whenever he gets excited he takes on a human form.
  • Comments: This one is just too funny, the expressions the dog makes are hilarious. WARNING: This has explicit yaoi content. . Scanlations are under 'Kazusa Takashima' in the ‘releases’ section.
  • Status: Two chapters done, and I have no idea how long it is.
  • Download Method: mIRC
Menkui [Obsession]
  • Synopsis: Kotori has a weak spot for beautiful people, and lucky for him the person that he had been admiring, Akaiwa, seems to already have interest in him.
  • Comments: Very sweet, typical shoujo romance with guys. Well placed humour and awesome artwork, this one is definetly worth a look.
  • Status: Thirteen chapters are done, and I'm not sure how long this one is.
  • Downloding Method: mIRC
Stigma [Obsession]
  • Synopsis: "Stork is a man with no name, no memory, and a collection of aliases that change from town to town. Tit is a boy with a feather, extremely rare in a world where birds are believed to be extinct." (taken from Obsession)
  • Comments: This one is strangely interesting. A lot of it is only narration by Stork, but it fits very well. As with any one volume series the plot is a bit sketchy, but it all flows along quite nicely, and there is a very dreamy feel to this one.
  • Status: Eleven chapters, and it's complete. :)
  • Downloading Method: mIRC
Thief & Detective [Aku Tenshi]
  • Synopsis: Hugo is a detective, and Martin became a thief…to steal Hugo.
  • Comments: I simply love the artwork, and it's filled with extremely cute scenes left and right.
  • Status: Complete with one volume.
  • Download Method: Http downloads, mIRC

Anyone notice practically all of those series are scanlated by Obsession? It's a lovely place, and if you enjoy shounen ai/yaoi scanlations you should probably just take a look at everything they've got.


  • Haru Wo Daite Ita [Nakama and Essence of Purity]
      WARNING: This has explict yaoi content! (in about every chapter)
      Thanks to Sanaaki for pointing this series out. :)


These are the ones that have the deep plots or are 'action-packed'.

Beck [Manga Screener]

  • Synopsis: "Rock was something Koyuki had never given thought to. Often, he resorted to j-pop to calm his frustrations. When he was reunited with his friend from middle school, everything unfolds. He starts listening to Dying breed and Maho-san, his crush, soon finds his talent for singing. When he joins a band, Beck, the face of rock is renewed." (taken from Manga Jouhou)
  • Comments: The story this manga has is just amazing, and the characters reactions to things are much more realistic then in a typical manga. Instead of the main character being brave and strong, fighting back with the bully and winning, he gets scared and does his best to stay out of sight. The artwork is also a little different in style, but after reading several volumes I can't picture it being draw with the normal cute faces and huge eyes.
  • Status: Tweleve volumes out of fourteen done.
  • Download Method: Http downloads, mIRC, BitTorrent
The Prince of Tennis [Manga City]
  • Synopsis: "The Prince of Tennis is a story about a tennis genius named Echizen Ryoma. As a 1st year in Seigaku Middle School, Ryoma manages to make it as a regular in one of the best tennis teams. His team joins together to conquer the tennis world." (taken from Manga City)
  • Comments: Seems like the average shounen manga for the first bit, but when you get further along it's very difficult not to get hooked. Has some humorous moments too. :)
  • Status: Forty-seven chapters have been scanlated (about five volumes), out of eighteen volumes.
  • Download Method: Http downloads, mIRC

Here are some places to browse around for scanlations, and if anyone knows of some good sites not listed here please let me know.

The Bitter Taste of Tears
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