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Power Differentials

New Rec · Updated URL · N=Nitid, S=Sonny, G=Genki; Faves in bold

Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
Mastery & Servitude Lady Angelfiren 1x2 Heero's Tool Shed, FFN: Lady Angelfiren N
Slave Boy DSA 3x4 1x2 DSA Gundam Wing Fan Site N
Prostitution (some implied NCS)
Common Ground Dead Blush 1x2 Snickerfics, Joygasm, GWNation.Net N
Inbound Telemarketing LoneWolf 1x2 LoneWolf's Gundam Wing Page N
BDSM (read warnings)
Fool Me Once Keelywolfe 4x3 1x2 Keelywolfe's Fan Fiction Page N

Complete Multi-Parts
Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
Captivity Snow Tigra 1x2 3x4 FFN: Snow Tigra N
Itooshi Hito No Tameni Aphrodite 1x2 1x2 Fanfiction by Aphrodite N
The Refined Touch Blue Lightning 1+2, R+1, 3+4, M.I.R.A.I.Z.O.U. N
Willing Slave Series KC 1x2 3x4 13x5 Lev's Lair N
Prostitution (some implied NCS)
All the Same Aya Maxwell 1x2x1, 3xRx4, 3+1, Aenai Ai N
Little Boy Blue Jade 1x2x1, 6x1, 13x2 Jaded, GWA , Jade ML N
Perfect PlaidDragon 2xOC, 1+2 Lev's Lair, Spandex Space N
Private Dancer (scroll) Shoujo Senshi 1x2 N
BDSM (read warnings)
Training Duo + Willing Slave Dena 1x2,6+2, R+2, 4x5x3 Visions of the Inner Eye N

Incomplete Multi-Parts
Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
Beauty and The Kitsune Eternal Treasure 1x2 3x4 Boys In Chains S
Behind Closed Doors Shimegami Ichijouji 1x2 Coloured Sandglass, FFN: Shimegami Ichijouji N
Caught In A Web Jennifer Beacham & Kea Snyder 1x2 5xM N
Circle of Destiny Phoenix 1x2 3x4 6x5 GWA N
Forbidden Control Syn 1x2 3+4 GWA N
Golden Lights Silverlady 3x4 1x2 5xOC FFN: Silverlady,Star's Gaze N
Sabaku no Hana Sunday formerly Strawberryhead 1+2 FFN: Sunday N
Slaves, Emotional or Otherwise Sunday 1x2 DHML Archive, N
Spoils of War Harmonie Des Anges 3x4 1x2 FFN: Harmonie Des Anges N
Prostitution (some implied NCS)
And One For Me Aphrodite 1x2 1x2 Fanfiction by Aphrodite N
Back Door Man: 1, 2 Sashi 1x2 Boundless N
A Darker Shade Than Black Meiran 1x2 Motion Blur, FFN: Meiran Chang N
Find Me (scroll) ChibiAngel 1+5, 1x2 DHML Archive, Drifting N
One Night in L2 + Healing Hearts Minky 1x2 Precious Moments, GWA N
A Touch of Human Kindness + Small Miracles Heartfelt 1x2 Shinigami & Wing N
BDSM (read warnings)
Dominion Road
(scroll down)
Madam Hydra 1+2 3+4 5+13 DarkMagick.Net, MadamHydra.Net N
Mechanics of Control Madam Hydra 1x2 3x4 13x5 Boys in Chains, MadamHydra.Net N
The Other Side
Madam Hydra 2x1 4x3 DarkMagick.Net, MadamHydra.Net N

See also the related category: GW: NCS, Violence, Abuse. For more stories on this theme in other fandoms visit the Boys in Chains Slave!fic Archive. Other than a handful of TPM fics, one of the best fics in this genre, IMHO, is the Seduction of the Desert Prince, a Highlander DM/M fic, all the more astonishing for being a collaborative work. Warning: Slash, WIP, lemons galore. :)

Epic yaoi and shounen-ai fiction.
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