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Ordinary Life - Various

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Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
Bodyguard From L1 Joyce 1+2 Gundam Wing on Acid N
Grief and a Headhunter's Rage Jei 1+2 The Turnip Patch S
Iconoclastic Triedunture 1x2 3x4 Lev's Lair S
Morbid Indeed Aya Maxwell 1x2 FFN: Aya Maxwell, Aenai Ai N
Soldier Boy Sashi 1+2 Perdu Ciel or Perdu Ciel N
The Sound of Music Arigatomina 1+2 3+4 13+6 DHML, Arigatomina's Anime Page N
Ordinary Life - GW Boys as Pop/Rock Stars
Cherry Flavored Lube Aya Maxwell 1x2 3x4 6x2, DxR Aenai Ai N
Gundanium Leviathan 1x2 3+4 Leviathan's Lair N

Complete Multi-Parts
Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
And Then You Die Chibi Megami 1+2 Chibi's House of Insanity, FFN: Chibi Megami N
Cat's Paw Zooie 1+2 Blatherscythe, FFN: Zooie S
The Circus Snow Tigra 3x4 FFN: Snow Tigra N
Daydreams DC Logan 1+2 3x4 Maxwell's Salvage, GWA N
Don't Slight Shinigami KCgal 1+2 3+4 MMO: LokiAngel, Aenai Ai, N
Fate Clarysage 1x2x1, 6+13 Shinigami & Wing G
Follow Your Heart Becca Abbott 1x2x1, 3x1 The Erotic Fiction of Becca Abbott G
Gundam Seiyuu + Gundam Seiyuu 2 OAV Snow Tigra 1+2 3+4 Snow Tigra's Place, FFN: Snow Tigra N
Habitat for Redemption Ravynfyre 1+2 GWA N
L2 Box Mai Sieu Phong 1+2 N
Light My Fire Jade 1x2 Jaded, GWA N
Lives Arc Amanda Marques 1x2 3x4 5x2, 1xR, various Aenai Ai, Boys in Chains N
Rivals Aya Maxwell 1x2 3+4 Solo+5, Aenai Ai N
Rivals Canisa 1+2 FFN: Canisa N
Seduction and Photographs Silver Dragon Rising Phoenix 3x4 1+2 MMO: Silver Dragon Rising Phoenix N
Shall We Dance? Caroline Rx1,13x2 1+2 3+4 Message In A Bottle N
Songbird Snow Tigra 1x2 FFN: Snow Tigra, Snow Tigra's Place N
Standing Still + Going Nowhere Jei 2+1 The Turnip Patch S
Ordinary Life - GW Boys as Pop/Rock Stars
Everyone's Dream Mair 1x2 3+4 5+M Mair's Lair N
Shinigami's Song Aaeth Payne 1x2 3x4 Aaeth Payne N
Superstar (or Video Killed the Radio Star) Ariana 1x2 3+4 GWA (click on Bianca&Ariana) N

Incomplete Multi-Parts
Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
Ashbury Personals Sony Mouse 1+2 GWA N
Blood Stained Desert Rose Halo Fire 1+2 FFN: Halo Fire N
Buy Me Love Arigatomina 3x4 Arigatomina's Anime Page, FFN: Arigatomina N
Captured by Feelings Sana 1x2 Bitter Taste of Tears N
Captured in Charcoal KokoKitty 1+2 A Little Piece of Gundam Wing N
Chocolate Covered Autumns Holy Cow 1+2 3x4 5+R FFN: Holy Cow N
Cool World Shimegami 1+2 FFN: Shimegami.EXE N
Destination Aya Maxwell 1x2 1x5, 1xR 13x6 3x4, Aenai Ai N
Duo Maxwell's Diary Bianca 1+2 GWA N
Duo and the Desert Travaria 1+2 3+4 Leviathan's Lair, FFN: Travaria N
Gone in 60 Seconds Willow 1+2 GWA N
Gryphon Tanith 1x2 Lev's Lair, Shiden S
Inferno's Touch Ravynfyre 4x3 6x5 1x2, GWA N
Inspiration ShadeAngel 1+2 MMO: ShadeAngel N
I Will Corrupt You Karei 3+4 Kuroi Tenshi's FanArchive N
I Wish I Was Anywhere But Here Lunadeath 4x2, 1x2 I Love Bishonen: Lunadeath N
Kabuki Freethinker 1+2 FFN: Freethinker N
Layers Granate 1x2x1 Reconnaissance G
The Lucky Ones Kirei 2x1x2 GWA G
Prince Charming Silver Shinigami 1+2 FFN: Silver Shinigami N
The Professional and the Amateur scroll to bottom Kel 1+2 DHML N
Psychosomatic Agency Tan 3+4 1+2 5+H FFN: Cheretan, Tantrys N
Real Genius LoveofHavok 2xH, 2+all GWNation.Net: LoveofHavok N
Reawakened Beginnings Hakumei 2+1 3+4 5+S FFN: Hakumei N
Saviour Arigatomina 1x2 3+4 Arigatomina's Anime Page N
Smoke MikAAislin 5+H, 1x2x1, 3x4, 13x6 Everblue S
A Spaceman Came Travelling Sony Mouse 1+2 FFN: Sony Mouse, GWA N
Special 0083 1x2 3x4 Shinigami & Wing G
Spotlight Mi 1+2 3+4 Aenai Ai S
Strange Fates Star 1+2 Steelsong N
Sweet November Kelly-Mama 1+2 Shinigami & Wing N
The Usual Suspects Maxwell-Yuy 1+2 3+4 FFN: Maxwell-Yuy N
Thousand Cranes Carlea 1+2 1x2ML N
Ordinary Life - GW Boys as Pop/Rock Stars
Kinzoku Obisidan Seraphim & Crimson Incubus 1+2 Steelsong N

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