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Elysia: Pure Heaven
A grab bag of fan and original fiction, including a large growing library of Gundam Wing yaoi/shounen-ai fan fiction centered around Heero and Duo.
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General Romance

New Rec · Updated URL · N=Nitid, S=Sonny, G=Genki; Faves in bold

Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
And In The Dawn Ponderosa 2x1 Ponderosa's Corner, FFN: Ponderosa N
Being There Sunhawk 2+1+2 Aenai Ai, Lev Lair S
The Best Christmas Ever Sunhawk 1+2 Steelsong G
Calm Within A Storm Kaycee Ronin 1+2 FFN: Kaycee Ronin N
Crossroads Jada 1+2 3+4 5+C Suspended Animation N
Come Away With Me Itsuki 1+2 Itsuki's World N
Come With Me Arigatomina 1+2 Arigatomina's Anime Page N
Duo's Braid Allisan 1+2 Allisan's Stories N
Everything I Do Flamika 1x2 Lost Atlantis S
Glycerine Catzini 1x2 Emy's Archive N
A Guide to Better Hugging Sameshima Shuzumi 1+2 FanWorkRecs.Com, N
Heero Yuy v.2.0 Jay 1+2 GWA N
Imperfect Evisoun 1+2 1x2ML Archive G
Isaac on the Altar Jaelyn 1+2 Reishin's Corner of Insanity N
I Wish Yumemisama 1+2 FFN: Yumemisama N
Jump Tantrys 4x3 Tantrys N
Kiss Me, Jack Frost(site down) Ashura 1x2 Desolation Angels, FFN: Ashura N
Letting Go Shikami Yamino 1+R, 1+2 Endless Dedication N
Living Your Life According To Your Emotions KC 1+2 Lev's Lair N
Love Trap Amiko 1x2 Rerun's ADDJOW N
Loving Protection Aphrodite/A-chan 2x1x2 1x2 Fanfiction by Aphrodite/A-chan G
Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
Missions Shadowmist 1x2 Forest of Sorrows, StarsGaze.Net N
Never Rosen 1+2 FFN: Rosen N
Of Men and Fish DaMoyre 1+2 GWA G
Of Migraines & Marriage Flamika 1+2 Lost Atlantis N
One Man Guy Sparcck 1x2 GWA G
The Other Side Itsuki 1+2 Itsuki's World N
Pale Blue Ink Masamune 1+R, 1+2 FFN: Masamune N
Passion Play Madam Hydra 1x2x1 MadamHydra.Net N
Reflections MikAAislin Nymph 1+2 Everblue S
Ribbons to a Soldier Moon Faery 1+2+1 FFN: Moon Faery G
Roller Coaster Rainjewel 1+2 FFN: Rainjewel N
Sex (Wax) and Sunsets Ponderosa 1+2+1 Ponderosa's Corner, Shinigami & Wing G
Shine Salamander 1+R, 1+2 I Love Bishonen N
The Sun, The Moon and the Drifting Wind MikAAislin Nymph 1+2 Everblue S
Surprise Party Catzini 1x2 Emy's Archive N
Suspicious Minds Hyuy 1+2 GWA N
Truth or Dare Arigatomina 1x2 FFN: Arigatomina, Arigatomina's Anime Page N
The Way To Silence Talya Firedancer 1x2 GWA N
Windshear Talya Firedancer 2x1 GWA N
You Make Me Wanna LadyDi 1+R, 1+2 FFN: LadyDi N

Complete Multi-Parts
Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
5 Dates With Duo Lady Archer 1x2x1 1x2ml Archive, The Range G
After the Rain Series (scroll) Kracken 2x1 I Love Bishonen, MMO: Kracken N
Better Off At Home Tayjena 1x2 3x4 Team Rocket and Shinigami Castle N
Bodies Rebecca the Great 1+2 FFN: Rebecca the Great N
Coming Home To You Mara 1x2x1 Shinigami & Wing N
Could Have Spent the Day With You Rae 1x2 FFN: Rae N
Cowboy Sailor Seraphim 1x2 Welcome to Infinity, Emy's Archive N
Duo's First Kiss Trilogy Talya Firedancer 1x2 GWA N
Flyboys Talya Firedancer 1x2 GWA N
Explaining to the Preventers + Epilogue KC 5+13 1+2 3+4 Lev's Lair N
Faget Catzini 2x1 Emy's Archive, FFN: Catzini N
For Life Eternal Shirin 1+2 3+4 GWA N
Got You Now + Giving In Sparcck 1x2x1 GWA N
Gundam Pop NtyreBeing 1+2 3+4 Lev's Lair G
Harmless Heart Faith 1x2x1 FFN: Faith N
Heat Between Me and You The 41st Maguanac 3x4 1x2 FFN: 41st Maguanac N
Home Kaitara 1x2 Bishounen no Yume, FFN: Kaitara N
How Old Do You Have To Be To Shoot A Fed? Erin Cayce Solox2, 1+2 GWA N
I Try
Maaya 1+2+1 Debs-Dragon, Dragonball Diaries G
Inheritance Lady Ophelia 3x4 N
Innocence Faded Hana & Yume 1x2 DreamScapeStudios.Net N
Irreplaceable Moonraven 3xOC 3x4 1x2 5xS FFN: Moonraven N
Kryptonite Fragmental Dani 1x2 3x4 FFN: Fragmental Dani N
The Light in Your Eyes tkmaxwell777 1x2x1 3+4 5xS Lev's Lair G
Little Tin Flower, Red Stitches And A Rain Soaked Angel Link Worshiper 1+2 FFN: Link Worshiper N
Lives and Loves Darkwood 1+2 1+R, 2+H FFN: Darkwood N
Love in the Darkness Karen 1x2 3x4 5xS Sanctuary N
Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
Melancholy Drunk SilverShinigami 1+2 FFN: SilverShinigami N
Mission: Marriage Calic0cat 1x2x1 3x4x3, 6x9 Ruby Moon's 1x2x1 Fanfic Page G
A Moment of Perfection Ponderosa 1x2 Ponderosa's Corner S
Momentary Lapse of Reason Jana 1x2x1 Shinigami & Wing N
My Heart Will Never Vary Sheron 1+2 FFN: Sheron N
Never: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Kuroi Tenshi 1+2 Kuroi Tenshi's Fan Archive N
A New Life: Act 1 + Act 2 Quwintessa 3x4 1+2 5+S FFN: Quwinntessa Starber N
Office Rumors Lunadeath 1x2x1 I Love Bishonen N
One Mess After Another Raihne 1+2 Raihne's Castle on a Cloud N
Plot Bunny! Files #4: Ashes, Ashes Rainjewel 1+2 FFN: Rainjewel N
Prisoner of War Theresa Maxwell 1+2 FFN: Theresa Maxwell N
The Reminders Series Nessa-chan 1x2x1, 1x4 Lev's Lair G
Running Smooth Juu-Chan & Abandonment 2xOC, 1+2 FFN: Juu-Chan N
Shinigami's Claim CleverYoungThief 1x2 Calic0cat's Gundam Wing Fanfics N
Soldiers & Fools Arc + Sequels LoneWolf 1x2x1 LoneWolf's GW Page N
The Space Between 0083 1+2 3+4 Shinigami & Wing N
Sweets for the Sweet Lady Bast 3x4 N
That Which Is Not His Ponderosa 1x2 FFN: Ponderosa, Ponderosa's Corner N
To Fly on Broken Wings tkmaxwell777 1x2x1 3x4, OCxOC Lev's Lair G
To Go That Far + If You Love Me Talya Firedancer 1x2x1 3+4 GWA N
Triangle Nixers & KwyckSylver 1+R, 1+2 GWA N
Wild Card Trilogy Talya Firedancer 1x2x1 GWA N
The Wrong Notes Amiko 1+R, 1+2 FFN: Amiko N

Incomplete Multi-Parts
Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
And Never the Twain Shall Meet Steve Parker 1+2 Heero's Heart N
Being Duo Maxwell Series:
Making It Better + sequels
Keelywolfe 1x2x1 Keelywolfe's Fan Fiction Page N
Breaking Stormy 1+2 3+4 Shinigami & Wing, GWA N
Captured by Feelings Sana 1x2 Bitter Taste of Tears N
Confessions, Obsessions Arigatomina 1+2 FFN: Arigatomina N
Detention Skye 1+2 3+4 FFN: Skye N
Domestic Bliss Arc Flamika 1x2x1 Lost Atlantis N
Eventually You'll Believe It, Too Rykaine 1+2 FFN: Rykaine N
Fire in the Hole PlaidDragon 5+2, 1+2 Faded Memories N
First Times Wildfire's Flame 1x2 MMO: Wildfire's Flame,
Gundam Wing Yaoi Retreat
Getting Caught, Giving Chase and Giving In Series Jana 1x2x1 Shinigami & Wing N
He's Mine: Heart and Soul Perotessa Detwieler R+1, 1+2, OCs Perotessa D's Fanfic N
Ion Series Sunhawk 1x2 Lev's Lair N
Jameson Lain 1+2 FFN: Lain N
Life Rules Arc Ninjababe & Comet 1+2 3+4, OC Ninjababe's Fiction N
Life With Heero Arc Calic0cat 1+2+1 3+4 Calic0cat's Gundam Wing Fanfics G
Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
Making Heero Human Cherry Blossom 1+2 MMO: Cherry Blossom, Cherry Blossom's Otaku Heaven N
Making Waves Cobalt Violet 1x2, 5+R, 3+4 FFN: Cobalt Violet, Aenai Ai N
Midnight Raven Fujimiya Jai 1+2 3+4 FFN: Fujimiya Jai N
Moments of Haven
(scroll down)
Jei 1+2+1 The Turnip Patch S
Of Pillows and Lightning Hannya 1x2 FFN: Hannya N
The One I Love Talya Firedancer 1x2 GWA N
Plot Bunny! Files #1: Death Before Dawn Rainjewel 1+2 FFN: Rainjewel N
Pretenses (moving) Sonadora 1x2 FFN: Sonadora N
Reconstructing Heero
Anibe 1x2 Heero in Addiction N
Reunion with Destiny Syn 1+2 3+4 5+S GWA N
Salt In Your Wounds
Deathwraith 2x6, 2x1 MMO: Deathwraith,FFN: Deathwraith N
Salvage Operations TranscendentalFiction 1+2 FFN: TranscendentalFiction N
Stained Glass Windows Kirei Tenshi 1+2 FFN: Kirei Tenshi, GWA N
Stumbling Steps Arc Lady DarkAngel 1+2 Lady DarkAngel's Fanfic Library N
Three Small Words Cherry Blossom 1+2 MMO: Cherry Blossom N
Til The Clouds Roll By Swordy 1x2 FFN: Swordy N
Timeless(scroll down) Nazarri 1x2x1, Shinigami & Wing N
True Enemies, True Friends Danyale 3+4 1+2 Destiny Beckons, GWA N
A Wedding Story Darkwood 1+2 FFN: Darkwood N
When the Fat Lady Sings Page Karasu 1x2 FFN: Page Karasu N
Wings of a Boy Who Killed Adolescence Nico Inverse 13x5 1+2 N

A 3x4 AU shrine. Go read Chiaroscuro, a shounen-ai story about Catholic schoolboys.
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    The whistles blared, the wheels clattered, and steam shot out from the braking mechanisms of both trains as they tried to slow down, but Heero had picked a spot far enough inside the tunnel that the effect would be minimized, and the wind force enjoyed to its full extent. It was perfectly calculated, a perfect mix of security and excitement, of serenity peppered with shots of adrenaline. Heero leaned forward, and at the exact point in time where each of the two trains shot past them on a different side, creating a miniature cyclone to which both boys were purposely oblivious, he pulled Duo even closer, and kissed him.
    --Bridlewood Manor by Mitsugi [Mitsu Gallery]
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