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Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
Meow Miao KC 1+2 3+4+5 Lev's Lair, KC's Fanfic Lair N

Complete Multi-Parts
Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
The Boy and the Squirrel Shine 3+4 FFN: Shine N
Cat's Delight Mai Sieu Phong 1+2+1 Shinigami & Wing, SDMSP N
For the Love of Cats Ava 3x4 1x2 COTB Matrix N
The Hunt + Spirit & the Shade Ravynfyre 1x2x1 GWA N
Last Unicorn Arigatomina 3x4 FFN: Arigatomina, Arigatomina's Anime Page N
The Meow Series Lasha Lee 1+2 3+4 GWA N
Neko GS 2+Solo Dekim+2 4+D 3+4 1+2 FFN: GS G
Swan Maidens Ava 3+4 N

Incomplete Multi-Parts
Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
The Cathach Missie 3+4 1+2 FFN: Missie, N
Crazy About Nothing Clara 1x2x1 3x4 5x13x6 FFN: Clara N
Into the Wild Arigatomina 1x2 3x4 13x6x5 Arigatomina's Anime Page G
Kitten's Claws Sadie Dragonfire 1x2 FFN: Sadie Dragonfire N
The Neko Crisis Kaycee Ronin 1+2 FFN: Kaycee Ronin N
Neko Heero Lady Angelfiren 1x2 FFN: Lady Angelfiren, Heero's Tool Shed N
The Shape of Death: 1, 2 Ninjababe 1+2 Ninjababe's Fiction N
Perfect Blue + Red Sky At Night being revised Lady Ophelia 3x4 1+2 FFN: Lady Ophelia N
Perfect Pet Series Little Manga Neko 2x1 MMO: Little Manga Neko N

Nitid: If you like the alien or furry theme, check out Greg Howell's amazing novel, called - "Light on Shattered Water" (1999!), which can be downloaded from his homepage in zip format or read in html in multiple parts at A human becomes lost in a very alien world. Intelligent world building. Definitely not a fluff fic. No slash, but there is a male protagonist, and more angst than I'd expected from a male writer. I recommend his other SF works too. :) More furry stories at: Mia's Index of Anthro' Stories
Nitid: Oh, and if you like this section, be sure to check out Duo Radon's furry art renditions of the GW chars at along with some very nice canon style pics as well.

The biggest doujinshi gallery I've ever seen! Zillah's fiction, and lots of fanart.
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  • Rec - by: Kuroi Kotome
  • "Cat's Delight" by Mai Sieu Phong - by: Shiva
  • Perfect Pet Series - by: Crys
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    The whistles blared, the wheels clattered, and steam shot out from the braking mechanisms of both trains as they tried to slow down, but Heero had picked a spot far enough inside the tunnel that the effect would be minimized, and the wind force enjoyed to its full extent. It was perfectly calculated, a perfect mix of security and excitement, of serenity peppered with shots of adrenaline. Heero leaned forward, and at the exact point in time where each of the two trains shot past them on a different side, creating a miniature cyclone to which both boys were purposely oblivious, he pulled Duo even closer, and kissed him.
    --Bridlewood Manor by Mitsugi [Mitsu Gallery]
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