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N=Nitid, S=Sonny, G=Genki; Faves in bold

Genre Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
A Day In The Life Of Shinigami girlstarfish 1+2 FFN: Girlstarfish, GWA N
Angel in the Snow KatiKat 1x2 KatiKatĀ“s Fics G
Birds of Freedom Shini no Miko 1+2, FFN: Shini no Miko N
Black and Blue Vinyl Koneko 1+2 (friendship) Glaring Dream G
The Black Box Dev-Aki Basaa 1+2 Shinigami & Wing G
A Box in a Box in a Box... Nicki 1+2 FFN: Nicki N
Color Me In Lady Archer 1+2 A Little Piece of Gundam Wing G
Dear Mr. Perfect Darkstar 1+2 FFN: Darkstar N
Dim Lights Keelywolfe no pairing Keelywolfe's Fan Fiction Page N
First Dates Are Always the Worst KatiKat 1+2(implied) KatiKat's Fics G
First Snow of the Year Makiko Igami 2+1 Lev's Lair G
From Goldfish to Eternity Fallen Saint 1+2 FFN: Fallen Saint N
The Fun With Dreams Chauni 1+2 The Angelic Demon N
Getting Lucky Sita Seraph 1x2x1 Aenai Ai G
Gundam Air Bill the Radish 1x2 FFN: Bill the Radish G
Hear No Evil K. Summers 1+2 FFN: K. Summers G
Heero's Bad Day Yoiko 1+2 GWA G
How To Pill A Gundam Pilot Katsu 1+2 N
I Am NOT Gay! Willow 1+2 FFN: Dea Mortis N
Lie to Me 0083 1+2+1 Shinigami & Wing G
Love Is What It Is Hyuy 1+2 GWA N
Manipulations Seren 1+2 FFN: Seren N
New Year, Same Hangover DSM: The Violet Eyed Devil 1+2 3+4 1x2ML Archive G
Not What You Think Avarice 1+2 Shibbalicious N
Perfect Shini no Miko 1+2 FFN: Shini no Miko, N
Rivalry A-chan 1x2 H+2 1x2 Fanfiction by A-chan G
The Same Seat Kimmie 1+2 Snogs G
Sex (Wax) and Sunsets Ponderosa 1+2+1 Ponderosa's Corner, Shinigami & Wing G
Shield of Dreams Sprite 1+2 FFN: Sprite N
Slow Drift Stacy 2+1 Snogs G
Step We Gaily torch 2+1, 1+R Flambeau Factory N
Suicide for Dummies Itsuki 1+2 Itsuki's World N
Taking Notes Agent Midnight 1+2 3+4 Lev's Lair G
Tuesday DSM: The Violet Eyed Devil 1+2+1 FFN: TwistedSlytherin G
Under There Sailor Seraphim 1+2+1 FFN: Sailor Seraphim G
Valentine Conversations With Hearts Ponderosa 1+2 3+4 5+13 Ponderosa's Corner, Snickerfics N
We're in Hell, Aren't We? Lys Ap Adin 1+2 Snogs G

Yaoi and slash fanfic in various fandoms. Many lemons!
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The whistles blared, the wheels clattered, and steam shot out from the braking mechanisms of both trains as they tried to slow down, but Heero had picked a spot far enough inside the tunnel that the effect would be minimized, and the wind force enjoyed to its full extent. It was perfectly calculated, a perfect mix of security and excitement, of serenity peppered with shots of adrenaline. Heero leaned forward, and at the exact point in time where each of the two trains shot past them on a different side, creating a miniature cyclone to which both boys were purposely oblivious, he pulled Duo even closer, and kissed him.
--Bridlewood Manor by Mitsugi [Mitsu Gallery]
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