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Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
By Candlelight Katana 1+2 GWA G

Complete Multi-Parts
Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
Blood of Peace 0083 1+2 3+4 5+M R+1 Shinigami & Wing, Celestial Chronicles N
Blue Bottled Belly Dancers + Seeing Love Dogs Clarysage 1x2 Shinigami & Wing N
Bride of War
(scroll down)
Dena 1x2 Kikotei's Gundam Wing N
Dark Date MisCha 1x2 3x4 Leviathan's Lair N
Dragon Eyes Kinzoku 1+2 5+N FFN: Kinzoku N
Dragonfell Becca Abbot 1x2x1 Moments of Rapture, The Erotic Fiction of Becca Abbot S
Enter The Mystique Aya 1x2 Aenai Ai S
Fall of Nobility W-Sama 3+4 1+2 COTB Matrix N
From Far Away Akuma 1x2x1 Shinigami & Wing, FFN: Akuma N
Of Wizards and Warriors + The Stars Know All Lys Ap Adin 4x3 1+2 GWA N
Oubliette Ava 3+4 N
Prophecies Marika 1+2 3+4 Tales From the Death Scribe, FFN: Marika N
The Scepter Heartfelt 1x2 3x4 Aenai Ai N
Sí Beag, Sí Mór Caroline 1x2 3+5, 4+H Message In A Bottle N
Something to Live For Duo-chan 1x2 FFN: Duo-chan N
Sorceror Stabber Shinigami Snow Tigra 1x2 3x4 FFN: Snow Tigra N
Tevel Stargem 3x4 1+2 FFN: Stargem N
Trickster's Quest ShadowOfShadows 1x2 3x4 5xM FFN: ShadowOfShadows N
Utmar Isabella 3x4, 1+3, 1+2 N

Incomplete Multi-Parts
Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
Asbestos Gelos Aaeth Payne 1x2x1 3x4x5 Aaeth Payne N
Beloved Daemonchan 13x5 1x2 3x4 Maxwell's Daemonchan, FFN: Daemonchan N
Blue Forest Banshee PlaidDragon 1x2 3+5, 4+? Lev's Lair N
Card Captor Death Starlife 1+2+1 FFN: Starlife N
Confessor Series + Mord Sith! Annabell 1+2 3+4 GWA N
Darkness at Dawn Ashkara 1+2 3+4 5+13 Ashkara's Fanfiction Vault N
Defending Our Light Series Kel 3x4 1x2 Kel's Tavern N
Divided World Ketsurui 3x4 1x2 FFN: Ketsurui N
Dragon's Eye Ebonydove 1+2 Aenai Ai N
Duo-Yasha: A Braided Fairy Tale Kaycee Ronin 1+2 All Out: A 1x2 Fanworks Shrine N
Elven Mage KittyMeowMaxwell 1+6, 1x2
note alt 1x6
and 1x2(?) endings
FFN: KittyMeowMaxwell N
Enemy of My Enemy Lys Ap Adin 1+2 GWA N
For The Grace Of Knights And Angels Dr Megalomania Various FFN: Dr Megalomania G
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Izora Jade 1+2 3+4 Not So Soft, FFN: Izora Jade N
If Slaves Would Be Kings Lyssira 1x2x1 3+4 Aenai Ai, A Little Piece of GW S
Knight Fall Girl Starfish 1x2 FFN: Girl Starfish N
Peace Children + Journey in Blue Zillie 1+2 3+4 5+M A Little Piece of Gundam Wing N
Prophecy Lotus-Chan 1x2 3x4 FFN: Lotus-Chan N
The Shadowman Cold Silence 1+2, 3+1? 4xR! Colorful Delusions N
Stolen Tanith 1x2 3+4 FFN: Tanith N

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    The whistles blared, the wheels clattered, and steam shot out from the braking mechanisms of both trains as they tried to slow down, but Heero had picked a spot far enough inside the tunnel that the effect would be minimized, and the wind force enjoyed to its full extent. It was perfectly calculated, a perfect mix of security and excitement, of serenity peppered with shots of adrenaline. Heero leaned forward, and at the exact point in time where each of the two trains shot past them on a different side, creating a miniature cyclone to which both boys were purposely oblivious, he pulled Duo even closer, and kissed him.
    --Bridlewood Manor by Mitsugi [Mitsu Gallery]
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