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The Bitter Taste of Tears
This site is my 1x2/2x1 fanfiction archive. I will add a gallery soon and there are links to other great 1x2/2x1 centered sites, as well.
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General Angst

New Rec · Updated URL · N=Nitid, S=Sonny, G=Genki; Faves in bold

Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
The Little Red Book Dev-Aki Basaa 3+1, 1+2 GWA N
Reality Gives No Second Chances Sorceress Fantasia 2+1 Lev's Lair G
Short Erin Cayce 2+1 GWA N

Complete Multi-Parts
Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
Break + Torn Mikkeneko 1+2 Abode of Mikkeneko, Aenai Ai N
Christmas Arc D.C. Logan 1x2x1 Maxwell's Salvage N
The Crossing Trilogy: 1, 2, 3 LoneWolf 1+2 LoneWolf's GW Fan Page N
Liebestod + Notes Fractalforge R+1,1x2 Strange Attractions, GWA N
Silence Plaid Dragon 1x2x1, 5+2 Blue Ashes: Faded Memories N
Two-Shot Series Kumiko 1x2x1, OCx2 GWA S
Web of Betrayal Dyna Dee 3+4, 1+2, R+1 FFN: Dyna Dee S

Incomplete Multi-Parts
Fic Title Author Pairings Webpage Rec'd by
Trip Hop Diaries Imo-Chan 1x2 M.I.R.A.I.Z.O.U N

See also the related category: Physical Illness/Deathfic.

Rei-chan's Dirty Books
All Gundam Wing yaoi fics, with a few misc. items. HeeroxDuo-centric fanfiction, but a few 3x4 pairings, too.
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    The whistles blared, the wheels clattered, and steam shot out from the braking mechanisms of both trains as they tried to slow down, but Heero had picked a spot far enough inside the tunnel that the effect would be minimized, and the wind force enjoyed to its full extent. It was perfectly calculated, a perfect mix of security and excitement, of serenity peppered with shots of adrenaline. Heero leaned forward, and at the exact point in time where each of the two trains shot past them on a different side, creating a miniature cyclone to which both boys were purposely oblivious, he pulled Duo even closer, and kissed him.
    --Bridlewood Manor by Mitsugi [Mitsu Gallery]
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