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What is this word...RFO?
RFO is an acryonym for Relena Finds Out. It's a sub-genre of 1x2/2x1 fics started by Talya Firedancer, who wrote the first RFO fic, "To Go That Far" and its sequel, "If You Love Me", both of which can be found at GW Addiction or at Firedancer's Universe of Chaos.

Why RFOs?

1. Romance :)
On one hand you have wealth, fame, power, and social approval in the form of the royal Relena. Duo, however, doesn't have any of those things. All he can offer is an understanding of death and war, and his love. When Heero chooses Duo over Relena in these fics, often in a very public manner, it's the ultimate romantic declaration of love. It's rare to find an individual who would do this in real life, but hey, this is fan fiction and it's Heero and Duo we're talking about!

2. "Love is friendship set on fire."
That's an old Welsh proverb which I firmly believe in. Although they may have different personalities, Heero and Duo hold the same values and beliefs. More importantly, they have forged a friendship through a shared crucible of experiences. Heero has more in common with Duo than Relena. 1xR belongs to an old outdated line of thinking that calls for the conventional 'knight on a white charger to save the princess'. Whatever happened to people saving themselves? The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm! The fact that Heero the hero chooses someone who is more equal to him just makes sense to me; it speaks well of his confidence in himself and his own abilities. Nevermind that the someone is a 'guy' instead of a 'girl'.

3. It's fun to bash Relena.
I freely admit it. I make no apologies for disliking her. I consider Relena a naive, spoiled brat who becomes an important political pawn, by virtue of her birth and not by any real skill of her own. Do we really want to see Heero shackled with her? Hell, NO! I'm working on an essay that will dissect her character, so I'm not going to get into anything more detailed except suffice it to say that Duo is the underdog, and Relena already has the scales of power, prestige and society tipped in her favour.

Why RFOs?

The Classics or What Started It All:

To Go That Far by Talya Firedancer
[Firedancer's Universe of Chaos, GWA]

Summary: Relena invites the battle-weary pilots to her estate as a respite from the war. Her motive? To corner the Perfect Soldier, of course. Her relentless pursuit, combined with Heero's seeming indifference, makes an insecure Duo jealous and unhappy.

If You Love Me by Talya Firedancer
[Firedancer's Universe of Chaos, GWA]

Summary: Sequel to "To Go That Far". Relena hasn't given up and causes a new set of misunderstandings to crop up between Duo and Heero.

Selected RFO Fics
Some are semi-RFO. Usually Relena doesn't know about Heero and Duo being together, but there are situations where she knows/suspects. There are a few fics here that are Relena-sympathetic, but not to worry, 1x2x1 always wins out in the end. :)

1. Announcements by Lunadeath [I Love Bishonen: Lunadeath]
Heero and Duo on security duty for Relena.

2. "Being Happy" by Dev-Aki Basaa [GWA]
Relena tries to suggest to her husband that they need marriage counseling. He doesn't agree.

3. Confessions, Obsessions by Arigatomina [FFN: Arigatomina, Arigatomina's Anime Page]
The five gundam pilots are being brought onto a talk show to be interviewed about their parts in the past wars. This is not a humorous spoof, but an actual fic. Work in progress.

4. Even I Can Say Goodbye by Sailor Seraphim [FFN: Sailor Seraphim]
When Relena visits Quatre's estate unexpectedly, she learns why you shouldn't eavesdrop on other people's conversations.

5. Letting Go by Shikami Yamino [Endless Dedication]
What would Heero's reaction be if Duo died... defending Relena?

6. Maxwell's Demon by Madam Hydra [MadamHydra.Net]
What if Relena knows (or thinks she knows) a dark and terrible secret about Duo?

7. The Proper Way To Slight Someone by Salamander [I Love Bishonen: Salamander]
Relena is given a polite but cool brush-off.

8. Relena's Worst Nightmare by Jade [Jaded, GWA]
Oft imitated classic RFO, with lemon.

9. Shine by Salamander [I Love Bishounen: Salamander]
Duo tries to get Heero to relax, but it's a difficult task for the Wing pilot as he tries to contend with his growing feelings for his friend. Relena hovering nearby doesn't help matters either.

10. Survivor by Odrade [FFN: Odrade]
Just after the end of the war, Heero and Duo try to figure out what they're going to do with their life as a couple... and how to get rid of Relena in the process. A French author's first English fanfic, work in progress.

11. "Triangle" by Nixers & Kwycksylver [GWA]
A militant group called the Devolutionists have risen up and threaten the newly established peace, Relena is in a coma, and Duo is dealing with an unwelcome 'houseguest'.

12. Truth or Dare by Arigatomina [FFN: Arigatomina, Arigatomina's Anime Page]
Relena instigates a ruthless game of Truth or Dare with the intention of breaking up Heero and Duo.

13. The Wrong Notes by Amiko [FFN: Amiko]
Heero admits to himself that he has feelings for Relena, but he can't determine just what these feelings are. Maybe his fellow Gundam pilots can help him make up his mind.

14. You Make Me Wanna by LadyDi [FFN: LadyDi]
Four years after the war is over, Heero comes to find yet another change in his life concerning Duo and Relena. Faced with new emotions and problems, he must decide between two people. Who will he choose?

Anti-Relena Links on the Web
If you have a sense of humour and/or dislike Relena, check out the following:

»» Relena's AntiChrist Plot - one of the best anti-Relena essays out there. A thoughtful look at the ideas and methods espoused by Relena. In a similar vein, check out this lemony 1x2 fic: Independence Day by Myst [Team Rocket and Shimigami Castle] with a serious underlying message.

»» Heero Is Not Toast - features a very cute Relena torture game.

»» Relena Wo Korosu - well designed anti-Relena site. The Sims pictures are a riot!

»» A.R.M.S. - Part of the I Love Bishonen site. The "Why Do They Hate Her?" section with messages from little kids and older GW fans makes me laugh.

The biggest doujinshi gallery I've ever seen! Zillah's fiction, and lots of fanart.
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