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The Bitter Taste of Tears
This site is my 1x2/2x1 fanfiction archive. I will add a gallery soon and there are links to other great 1x2/2x1 centered sites, as well.
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The 1x2/2x1 Continuum: How do you like your Heero and Duo?
Preferably naked and in love with each other, thank you very much! have a few more options than that. More?!? Yes, minna, more! :)

There is quite a broad range in how fanfic writers interpret the relationship dynamics between Heero and Duo. I've linked to some of the more extreme and striking stories as examples to illustrate the 1x2/2x1 continuum.

Warning: Story spoilers. Massively OOC, depending on whether you like 1x2 or 2x1. Please note that I do NOT recommend *all* these stories for everyone, so read at your own risk.

If you think I've made an error in categorising a story, or you have a suggestion, email and let me know. I'm always happy to meet fellow 1x2x1 fans. :)

Duo: Kneel, slave. *looks down at his pet*
Heero: Yes, master. *aroused by the humiliation*

Enslaving Heero by Akuma [Shinigami & Wing]
The war is over, and Heero wants, and needs, someone to give him orders.

Tales From Shinigami's Basement by Steelsong []
Strong BDSM themes, may be disturbing. Duo is a dom.

Duo: I'm a bastard, but at least I'm a penitent bastard
Heero: I'm emotionally fragile and I cry.

Okaeri by Akuma [Shinigami & Wing]
Duo is so uncaring that Heero leaves him and disappears without a trace.

Te Amo by Akuma [Shinigami & Wing]
2x1, 2xH. Postwar romantic soap opera. Preggy Heero.

"The Minuet Arc" by Katana [GWA]
2x1, 4x1. An embittered Duo clashes with Quatre in a powerplay for political dominance, and for Heero's heart.

Duo: Cocky and confident
Heero: Shy, uncertain and girlish

Cross My Heart by Akuma [Shinigami & Wing]
Heero and Duo undercover at a school, and Heero has to dress as a girl.

Boys and Girls by Bianca [GWA]
Heero turns into a girl.

College Arc by Moon Princess Serena [Yaoi Universe]
Duo in college. He meets a girl who reminds him of Heero.

Duo: The Gleeful Seducer
Heero: Resistant but Passionate, or "Don't Call Me Hee-Chan"

Bleed Me Dry by Reen [Soldier of Death]
Heero is forced to choose between his own life and the life of the person he would gladly give life for. Vampirism.

Sacrifice by Reen [Soldier of Death]
Heero is captured by some peasants who sacrifice him to the local demon.

Duo: He's just a little bit dangerous
Heero: o.O Who are you? What the hell have you done with Duo?

Dominion Road by MadamHydra [FFN: MadamHydra,]
The GW boys attempt to carry out a mission at the notorious Roissy pleasure resort, but find themselves becoming the prey of an unexpected sexual predator lurking in their own midst. His name is Umbra.

Salt In Your Wounds by Deathwraith [MMO: Deathwraith]
6x2, 2x1. During Heero's fight with Zechs, Duo begins to fragment; Indigo appears and takes command in more sense than one.

2x1 (?)
Duo: What the-? Am I gay or bisexual?
Heero: Shut up and just kiss me, Maxwell.

"Switch" by Bonne&Von [GWA]
Het lemon. Yes, you read that right.

Exploring by Elyndys [Shinigami & Wing]
Het lemon.

Duo: Did you know maximum efficiency includes regular sexual release?
Heero: Hn. Show me.

"Got You Now" + "Giving In" by Sparcck [GWA]
Duo gets it into his head to hunt down Heero, but it isn't as easy as he thinks.

"First Time for Everything" by Hyuy [GWA]
Duo decides to experiment.

Making It Better by Keelywolfe [Keelywolfe's Fan Fiction Page]
Set just within Episode 4, Duo and Heero being oh, so friendly to each other after their little hospital break out.

M Heero + V Duo by TriedUnture [Snickerfics] that's what Heero does when he's alone!

Duo: Outrageous Charm
Heero: Antisocial Nerd, or I'm Boring

Shall We Dance? by Caroline [Message In A Bottle]
Sort of 2x1ish. Heero is an average pencil-pusher who decides to take dance lessons.

Sweet November by Kelly-Mama [Shinigami & Wing]
Heero the banker has his life turned upside down by a whirlwind Duo.

Perks of Being A Wallflower by LoveofHavok [GWNation.Net: LoveofHavok]
Heero has a crush on one of the most popular boys in school.

Life Without Friends by Maxwell's Demon [The Entitys' Throne Room]
A coming of age story about a lonely antisocial teen named Heero.

Mercury Rising by Jana [Shinigami & Wing]
See Heero, the bored rich nerd. See Duo, the poolboy. See Heero and Duo have a summer fling.

Heero: Mine.
Duo: Mine.

Shingami's Lover Arc 1 + Shinigami's Lover Arc 2 by Kracken [Kracken's Fiction, FFN: Kracken, I Love Bishonen]
Duo is very ill and convinced that he's going to die. Can Heero convince him otherwise? (Not a deathfic, the start of a long series!)

Getting Caught, Giving Chase and Giving In Series by Jana [Shinigami & Wing]
(Scroll down, near the bottom) A citrus filled get-together series. :) Heero and Duo struggle to start a meaningful relationship amidst the realities of life - jobs, commuting, adjusting to each other's quirks, etc.

Blue Bottled Belly Dancers and Other Fine Myths by Clarysage [Shinigami & Wing, Cs Insanity Central]
AU. Duo is a writer visiting Istanbul. After he buys a bright blue bottle and opens it, events take a decidedly whimsical and supernatural turn.

Heero: Yes, you could say we are...friends.
Duo: We're not just buds, we're partners!
Heero & Duo: But I don't understand him.
Nitid: D-E-N-I-A-L. It ain't just a river in Egypt!

I Wish by Yumemisama [FFN: Yumemisama]
Short oneshot. Heero is on the outside looking in. Or is that on the inside looking out?

Glass Bubble by Rapunzel [Nikai]
'Heero snorted softly to himself. Social skills indeed. What did he need with social skills?'

Bridlewood Manor by Mitsugi [Mitsu Gallery, FFN: Mitsugi]
AU, Mystery. A blue-eyed foreign spy, a mischievous braided chef, an innocent heiress and her corrupt uncle, thrown together in an elite manor house in London, 1901.

Heero: What is this feeling in my heart?
Duo: I...I..I think I love him. (or vice versa)

Author: Now you DIE!! Muahaha
Nitid: Damn! *sniff* Where's the fluff?

The Boy That Didn't Cry by MikkeNeko [Abode of Mikkeneko]
Duo Deathfic. Hankies.

Recorded Reminders by KM [Got Fics?]
Ditto above.

Green Tea + The Gift by DC Logan [Maxwell's Salvage]
Ditto above.

The Most Bittersweet Gift by Darkstar [MediaMiner.Org: Darkstar]
Ditto above.

More Than Words Can Say by CleverYoungThief [FFN: CleverYoungThief]
Duo Deathfic. Stock up on hankies.

Miss the View by Avarice [Shibbalicious]
Heero Deathfic. Hankies.

Heero: The Mission Supercedes All, or I Must. Protect. Relena.
Duo: x.x

Break + Torn by Mikkeneko [Abode of Mikkeneko]
Duo has been captured and waits for rescue.

Liebestod + Notes by Fractalforge [Strange Attractions, GWA]
Heero's loyalties to his love and to his mission collide with all the force of a "HEEEROOO"...

Duo: I cut myself, or I'm mentally disturbed.
Heero: Why?

Scar Tissue by Amanda [FFN: Amanda 02, Angel Ran's GW Fanfic Archive]
Duo and self mutilation.

First Person Plural by Darkstar [MediaMiner.Org: Darkstar]
Duo has a secret.

Heero: Location - Unknown. Feelings - Unknown.
Duo: Unrequited Love

A Murder of Crows + Another Murder of Crows by Karen [My Writings on the Wall]
From Quatre's POV. The G-boys are forced to retreat to an abandoned house, which isn't actually abandoned after all...

"Cross My Heart" by Becca [Fiction of Becca Abbot]
Heero goes undercover in a prison to hunt for an illegal weapons factory. His inside contact turns out to be Duo Maxwell, convicted felon -- and former lover.

Breaking Predestination by Erin Cayce [TB Home Page, GWA]
Heero checks out an unidentified ship and comes face to face with his estranged lover, Duo. But it's a Duo who has aged 20 years.

A Vagabond's Smile by Miss Radish [Scarlet, FFN: Radishface]
Duo Maxwell is thrown in a mental asylum after wandering around a bus stop for a month in the rain. Deathfic alert.

"Like A Patch On Your Sleeve" by Dev-Aki Basaa [GWA]
Duo reflects on time gone by.

Duo: He loves me! He really loves me!!! Waii!!! ^_^
Heero: Hn. Baka. Of course I do.

"The Way to Silence" by Talya Firedancer [GWA]
Duo and Heero at a museum.

"Candy Cane Methodology" by Lys ap Adin [GWA]
Christmas with the G-boys.

A Better Guide to Hugging by Shusu [FanWorkRecs.Com]
Duo can't help but express himself through touch and body langugage.

Confessions, Obsessions by Arigatomina [FFN: Arigatomina]
The G-Boys get interviewed on a Jerry Springer-style talk show.

Of Migraines and Marriage by Flamika [Lost Atlantis]
Heero has something important to ask Duo, but Duo has a headache.

Duo: I'm flirtatious, sexy, and super-cute!
Heero: He's mine. Look, but don't touch. On second thought, don't even look.

Willing Slave by KC [The He-He Room]
Duo the thief stumbles into the wrong room and get caught by Prince Heero.

Ying Yang by Aya Maxwell [, Aenai Ai]
Heero and Duo on an undercover Preventers mission as Ying and Yang, two male assassins and lovers.

Thrill My Gorilla by Jade [Jaded]
PWP. Heero and Duo go back in time and discover some of their more primitive emotions.

Duo: Dammit! Why do I always get the crossdressing missions?!
Heero: *intense predatory stare*

"No Way!" + "Yes Way!" by Silverblade [GWA]
One of the first and oldest (~1999) "Duo has to crossdress for a mission" fics.

In Disguise by Canisa [FFN: Canisa]
AU. In order to protect his half sister (Meiran), Duo transfers to her boarding school, but finds out that there are no male dorm rooms left...

Private Lessons by Amaranth [Hidden Pages Fanfic: Amaranth]
PWP. Duo loses a bet and has to be Heero's slave for the day.

Duo: I've got a seee~cret! You'll never be able to guess!
Heero: Hn. You're a girl.
Duo: *pouts* How'd you know?
Heero: I have my sources. *encrypts his fanfic folder*

Girl Duo by AJ Maxwell [AJ Maxwell's Fanfic Realm]
Duo gets a mission: go undercover and protect Relena Peacecraft from assassination.

Muddled Waters by Madam Hydra [Crossover Corner, MadamHydra.Net]
GW/Ranma crossover. Hilarious mayhem.

Heero: You're a virgin?
Duo: *explodes* Just because I flirt, it doesn't mean I'm a slut!
Heero: Mmm...feisty virgin ass. *pounce*

"First Kiss Trilogy" by Talya Firedancer [GWA]
Duo receives his first kiss.

Rivals by Aya Maxwell [FFN: Aya Maxwell, Aenai Ai]
AU. Duo falls in love with his brother's rival.

Duo: Call me Unashamed Bottom Boy
Heero: I prefer to be in control

Another Version of Events by Karan Seraph [Shinigami & Wing, Qirfae's Secret]
Long WIP with lots of worldbuilding detail. Features post-war Heero exploring his emotions and sexuality.

Mechanics of Control (Wicked Game) by MadamHydra [MadamHydra.Net]
Duo has always felt an intense emotional bond with Heero, but never understood why. Now he and Heero are about to find out the terrifying truth.

Heero: I'm an abuser. (emotional, physical...)
Duo: I'm a killer and I deserve it. Punish me some more. Yesssss...

Remind Me by Shini No Miko [FFN: Shini No Miko]
One year after the fact, Duo chronicles the deterioration of his relationship with Heero, and hopes to make things right again.

Sympathetic Character by Atropa Belladonna [FFN: Atropa Belladonna]
Domestic violence, angst.

Of Revelations on Wings by Blue Lightning [1x2ML]
"To believe in love is to believe in delusion. Heero taught me that. And he was right."

Heero: I'm a Jealous Bastard.
Duo: What he said.
Nitid: Eeeek. :( 1x2x1 fans, prepare to be traumatised.

Time By Kuwabara no Miko [Bunny Doll, GWA]
5x2, 1x2. Duo is self-destructing and Wufei helps him out of it.

"Something Wicked" by Christine [GWA]
1x2, 1x3, 1x2x3, 5x13, 4x6. Heero's not quite human...nor are the other pilots. AU. Bastardisation of all the pilots, except Duo.

Lost Soldiers Series by Kracken [I Love Bishonen, FFN: Kracken]
6x2, 1x2, 5x1. Duo is manipulative, homophobic and self-destructive, but does that mean he deserves to be hurt? He finds safety and solace with a former enemy.

Comments? Help me refine this 1x2/2x1 scale? Email Nitid, Sonny or Genki or use the form below. Next up: The 1001 Faces of Quatre. *sweatdrop*

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