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Canon" Pairings

  • 1x2x1 - This is the pairing that got me into the fandom in the first place and it's what is keeping me here. In my opinion Heero and Duo prove the old saying that opposites really attract and I think they make the perfect couple. Where Heero is cold, Duo is hot and they just mesh perfectly together. Most times I can't get into a fic unless it has some 1x2x1 content somewhere. There have been exceptions to this, but it's pretty rare. The other pairings just don't interest me the way this one does. I don't care if the fic is 2x1 or 1x2, as long as the two are together. It does not matter to me at all who is on top during sex.

  • 3x4x3 - I like this pairing to an extent and it depends on who is writing it. I'm going to be honest when I say I find most 3x4 centric fics dull. I just don't think they have the same fire as Heero and Duo. This pairing also tends to be written in an overly sappy way and I despise it. I don't like the "little one" or "angel" pet names. The only authors (so far) who can write this pairing in a way I can enjoy is Lorena Manuel, Karen and Torch.

  • Het Pairings - I don't like het fics at all, so a 1xR centric fic is not for me. Relena and Heero do *not* make a good couple. Nothing anyone will ever say will convince me of otherwise. I don't mind at all if Heero starts with Relena and ends up with Duo, but if it's the other way around I just can't deal with it. I'll read it because I can be extremely masochistic at times, but I won't enjoy it in the least. 2xH makes me sick because of the fact that I can't stand Hilde and I think they have more of a brother-sister relationship in the first place. Don't even talk to me about 4xD or 3xC because I can rant on forever on why those would not work. As for 13x11 or 6x9, well that's fine as long as the fic is not centered on them.

  • The Wufei Dilemma

  • 2x5x2 - Wufei is an interesting character. I can easily see him paired with Duo because of the same reason I can see Duo paired with Heero. I don't mind 2x5 but it really depends on how it's written. I still prefer 1x2 over anything and I have grown to despise fics where Heero treats Duo like crap and Duo runs to Wufei. That plot has gotten older than the Alps and I'm sick of it.

  • 13x5, 6x5, 13x5x6 - In an AU fic, I don't mind these pairings at all. However I just don't see Wufei getting together with Zechs or Treize during the series timeline. After all of his ranting about justice why would Wufei go and sleep with the enemy? Hmmm. Just seems like a plot hole to me. I'll read it, but it's not my favorite thing in the world and usually while I'm reading it I just pick it a part.

  • 5xFemale - 5xS is okay I guess, but I don't really like the way they look together. 5xR is IMHO a ridiculous pairing because Relena is the epitome of Wufei's version of a "weak onna". Yes, she is a good politician but in the series her stalking of Heero made her look bad and it was a lasting impression in my mind. 5xD, now this I like and I have never seen it done. Dorothy is strong, she speaks her mind and I believe if she and Wufei were paired together they would be each other's perfect match. 5xM is okay as well, but it depends on who is writing it. I'm sick of the "Wufei and Meiran meet, hate each other but wind up getting together for no apparent reason after arguing the whole time" plot. It's old, stupid and dull. Can we be a little more creative people?

  • Threesomes

  • 1x5x2 - The only fics I have liked with this pairing are Keelywolfe's 'From A Goodnight Kiss Series' and the two fics by Talya Firedancer. I'm leery of this pairing because in more cases than not, Wufei is always thrown into a 1x2 already, established relationship. I don't hate it and I'll read it but I'm very picky about it.

  • 3x4x5 - o_O; No comment.

  • 1xRx2 - This *scares* me and I will *not* read it *ever*.

  • Alternate Pairings

    One of the only alternate pairings I can tolerate is 2x3 and that is just barely. The only 2x3 fic I have ever liked was 'Stuck With You' by Aoe. 2x4 is okay if it's a friendly fling, perhaps when the two were together when Duo was hiding out with Quatre during the beginning of the series. I can see it happen but I will not read a 2x4 centric fic. 1x3 and 1x5 have to be two of my most hated pairings and I won't read them at all unless Heero winds up with Duo at the end. Call me biased, I don't care. That's why this section is called "Sonny's Biases." ^^ 13x2, 13x1, 6x2 and 6x1 are mind boggling and I can't grasp the concept of it at all. I won't read them and if I do they have to be extremely well written.

    Fics In General

    I love a fic with a good plot. If it's a multiparter I love them long and juicy. I adore AUs because in my opinion, after awhile there isn't much you can write about during the series. In AU fics, if a character is a little OOC I don't mind. If you put these characters in a situation where they haven't been through a war and they haven't had such tragic pasts and all, they would be quite different. So having a talkative Heero in an AU fic is not OOC, in my opinion.

    There's an extent to that, though. I hate fics where any of the character are made out to be extremely feminine. I hate 2x1 fics where Heero simpers and where Duo is a bastard. I don't like girly Gundam pilots and I won't read the fic if that's what is in it. I think Quatre's character is more often than not, torn to shreds. A lot of people portray him as feminine and weak and that is just not the case. He was smart, strong and an excellent strategist. I hate any fic where the author ODs on the "justice ranting" Wufei thing. I also dislike the way Trowa is often portrayed as a mute whose most used line of dialogue is "....". "Baka Duo" fics annoy me and I detest when Heero is portrayed as a robotic, unemotional bastard.

    I generally avoid songfics, because some writers tend to base the fic around the song instead of the song around the fic. I hate to read a fic where the characters are doing exactly what the person in the song is doing. That's not very creative, is it?

    Just A Note

    I came off as a really picky bastard up there, but I'm really not as bad as I sound. ^_^; I love fanfics and I know authors work hard on what they write but I also know what I like to read. The fics that I rec will reflect my preferences entirely.

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