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1x2 Line Challenges
feel free to add one of your own using the form below
The following challenges are baby plot bunnies intended to inspire new fics. Some are undoubtedly cliches, but with a little work, can be transformed into entertaining fics. Challenger's name in brackets. Writers - feel free to mix and match, just give credit where it is due. Please keep the challenges short and sweet. If it's long and you need more space, add it here: Plot Bunnies.
1. Heero kisses Duo and his entire body begins to glow. Why? (Nitid)
2. Duo sleepwalks into Heero's bed. (Nitid)
3. Heero must be cruel to Duo in order to be kind. (Nitid)
4. Heero has been given a hormone/libido suppressant by Dr. J for years. What happens when he's taken off the drug? (Nitid)
5. The other pilots are concerned because they think Heero is taking advantage of Duo. What they don't know is that Duo is a demanding bottom who has Heero wrapped around his finger. (Nitid)
6. Heero has a secret nightlife that Duo doesn't know about. (Nitid)
7. Heero bids on Duo at a bachelor auction for charity. Or vice versa. (Nitid)
8. Inspired by the movie Zoolander. Duo and Heero are male models who are rivals on the catwalk.(Nitid)
9. AU. Everyone thinks Heero and Duo hate each other but it's really all an act to preserve their lives. (Nitid)
10. Sport AU. Solo, team captain, gets replaced by Heero. Duo doesn't like him at first. (Nitid)
11. Duo's dead. His alter-ego Shinigami grants him three wishes. (Nitid)
12. OZ is an invading alien force that enslaves the conquered. Heero puts Duo in a slave collar that forces him to submit to every command. Or, vice versa if you like. (Nitid)
13. Heero is ageless because of Dr. J's experiments. He watches everyone die. Heero decides to clone Duo. (Nitid)
14. Duo and Heero share a telepathic bond that forces them to mate. (Nitid)
15. The doctors gossip about their proteges. Dr. J and Prof G are matchmakers. (Nitid)
16. Heero has the gift of psychometry, meaning he can relive the history of objects by touch. (Nitid)
17. Duo's a touch telepath who can't bear to be touched, until the day he meets Heero, who has an intriguing natural shield (Nitid)
18. Include this line: "You can't do that with a gun!" (Nitid)
19. Duo's virginal and/or clueless. Heero's a player. (Nitid)
20. Duo is Bachelor of the Month in Heero's favorite magazine. (Nitid)
21. Teen schoolfic. Duo's vain, self-absorbed and unreliable. He grows up when his rival Heero is the only one that doesn't abandon him. (Nitid)
22. Write a fic using 2nd person point of view. (Nitid)
23. Write a fic in dialogue only. (Nitid)
24. Write a lemon using only dialogue and sound effects. (Nitid)
25. Duo is snooping, and finds a very personal, or embarrassing, item among Heero's belongings. (Nitid)
26. Duo and Heero meet at the annual convention for security experts and hackers, DEFCON. (Nitid)
27. Two decades of marriage, and the sex is getting boring. Duo decides to liven things up. (Nitid)
28. Duo works at the county morgue as a pathologist. He's about to autopsy a corpse by the name of Heero Yuy, when it takes a breath. (Nitid)
29. Inspired by the movie The Wedding Planner. Duo's a wedding planner who's hired by Relena, the bride. Duo falls in love with the groom, Heero. (Nitid)
30. Shipwrecked ocean luxury liner meets disaster. Ex-ship captain, say hello to the male sea nymph. (Nitid)
31. Heero's a hardened and cynical adventurer who doesn't believe in magic. His plane crashes on a remote island. Welcome to Duo's world, Kingdom of the Pixies. Or sprites, fairies, elves, etc. (Nitid)
32. Duo or Heero, has a phobia. Agoraphobia, arachnophobia, etc. (Nitid)
33. Heero the badboy criminal falls in love with Duo, a seemingly innocent elementary schoolteacher (Nitid)
34. Duo or Heero, gets pregnant. In a believable fashion. (Nitid)
35. Duo may be the God of Death, but Heero is Chronos, the Father of Time. (Nitid)
36. Duo is a Highlander, and Immortal. (Nitid)
37. The boys are together, but Duo's an incorrigible flirt with a wandering eye. Heero tries to make him jealous. (Nitid)
38."I want *him* for my birthday." Duo jokingly points to a billboard advertising Calvin Klein underwear. Quatre obliges by setting up a date with Heero Yuy, male supermodel. (Nitid)
39. Duo's a cruise ship waiter. Heero's a passenger, learning about his sexuality. (Nitid)
40. Include this line: "Who was that masked man?" (Nitid)
41. Relena's running for office. Quatre has been murdered, and has bequeathed his fortune to Duo, who runs against her. Wufei is his campaign manager. (Nitid)
42. Heero's a professional Dreamer who creates stories for Virtual Reality Inc. He dreams Duo into existence, or does he? (Nitid)
43. Far into the future, a desperate and elderly Quatre tries to resurrect Duo and Heero. Something goes wrong, and Duo and Heero have to share the same body. (Nitid)
44. Heero has been magically cursed with a horrible disfiguring scar which only disappears when he's near death. Can Duo love him despite his fierce appearance? (Nitid)
45. Slavefic. Prince Heero, son of a desert sheik and a Japanese concubine, kidnaps Duo. (Nitid)
46. Duo the intrepid mountain climber meets Heero, a Tibetan monk. (Nitid)
47. Duo the environmental activist clashes with Heero, oil/lumber baron. (Nitid)
48. They're gay, they're hot, they're the first male-male ice skating couple. (Nitid)
49. Duo's a budding manga artist. Uncle G dies and leaves him a mysterious pen. Everything he draws with the pen, comes to pass in reality. (Nitid)
50. Duo tells Heero that he's too rough in the bedroom. Now that he no longer has to kill people, Heero has to re-learn some things about his strength. (Nitid)
51. Heero, for various reasons, is a control freak. He has a hard time losing it in bed. (Nitid)
52. Duo the sex kitten isn't above manipulating Heero with his body. How often does Heero let him get away with it? Or, for something different, try the same scenario with the roles reversed. (Nitid)
53. Duo goes bald. Cancer? Accident? How does Heero take it? (Nitid)
54.Heero thinks Duo swears too much and decides to do something about it. (Nitid)
55. Time Piece: The era in Japan when it starts to slowly open its doors to the West. Duo is a catholic priest/priest in training who accompanies Father Maxwell as missionaries. He meets Heero, who is the bastard half gaijin son of a high placed samurai lord. hee (Reishin)
56. After the war the five pilots busy themselves with the Preventers'. An outstanding contract on Relena's life is brought to their attention, what happens when Heero discovers that the assassin hired to kill Relena is none other than the man he looked to as a father figure, Odin Lowe? (Claire)
Have your own challenge? Use the form below, and it will be added to the above list in a few days.
Or if it's a longer idea, add it here: Plot Bunnies.

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