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A 1x2 AU Novella Challenge

25,000 words minimum, Deadline: June 30, 2003
Every story that meets the requirements below, and has been spellchecked & proofread will receive commissioned fanart. We are aware that the minimum word length may be daunting for some. Realistically speaking, we expect only 1 or 2, possibly 3 entries here, although we are hopeful for more. All entries will be archived by July 7, 2003. Fanart should be ready by the end of July or August, depending on availability and speed of the artist. Authors are welcome to request a specific scene to be drawn.

If you're stumped for ideas, feel free to use one or more of the ideas from the 1x2 Line Challenge Jubilee or Plot Bunnies.

R U L E S:

1. Story must be new, written for this challenge, not previously posted elsewhere.
[Added Feb 11/2003: Clarification - Unfinished fics already posted and being hastily completed in order to take advantage of this challenge are not eligible. However, if your story is completely new, you may post the finished fic elsewhere as long as you email us a copy. Be aware that simply emailing us your finished story will not guarantee its eligibility. See especially #5 below.]

2. 25,000 words minimum.

3. Main couple must be Duo and Heero.
[Added Feb 11/2003: Clarification - should be a 1x2 fic, with Heero and Duo growing closer at some point, shounen-ai or yaoi. You can start off with either or both Heero and Duo involved with other people, if it fits your story. Other pairings in the background or as a subplot are also fine.]

4. Must be an AU (Alternate Universe) fic.

5. Spellcheck. Proofread. Edit your work. I cannot stress this enough. Get a beta reader to help you.
[Added Feb 11/2003: Clarification - We reserve the right to reject your story completely, or, if there aren't too many typos, grammar mistakes etc, to send it back for minor revisions if this requirement is not met.]

6. Must be complete. No incomplete fics or works in progress.

7. Deadline is Midnight PST June 30, 2003. No exceptions or extensions. Fill out the following and mail it to 1x2AU@gwyaoi.org, in txt, doc, or html format.

  • Your Name and Email:
  • Title:
  • Short story summary:
  • Warnings, if any:
  • Other author's notes:
  • Word Count:

Resources - Beta Readers
Resources - Writing Links See also Gwyaoi.org's section for Writers. Giving and taking criticism, improving your storytelling technique, and more writing links.

Shades and Echoes, 3x4 fanfic by Anne
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