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Links - Gundam Wing Preferred Sites
These are links to our favorite sites.

Generally, although not always, these are sites that:
» support 1x2 and/or 3x4.
» have interesting content - fics, pics or essays.
» are owned by interesting, talented people who we think deserve more recognition. :)

Small, fast loading banners with dimensions 200x40 are ideal. Favorite sites in bold are weighted more heavily to appear more often.

New June 12/2003
Text banners from sites on the 1x2x1 ring will also be rotated randomly on the same system throughout the site.

Legend: N = Nitid, G = Genki, S = Sonny

200x40 Banner Site Owner Rec'd by Comments
(various authors)
N A handpicked selection of fics, interesting essays, and I like the 1x2 pledge.
N Anne Olsen's 3x4 AU series fics set during WWII, 3x4 recs, fanart and more.
(1x2, 3x4)
N Plenty of interesting and lengthy series fics that you can sink your teeth into.
Aya & Sonny
(various authors)
N Regularly updated with an excellent selection of authors and fics.
Blue & Imo
N Not updated often but always satisfying. I have my eye on several WIP series fics here.
N Some lovely AU fics, with an easy to read style that leaves you wanting more.
Dena & Herve
N Dena's fics and a large yaoi gallery of commissioned art!
DC Logan
N Insightful vignettes and AU series fics with a focus on characterisation.
N Some darker angsty fanfic here, plus many interesting essays and translations.
N Fun and intelligent, lengthy AU series fics, essays, science info and more.
N Yaoi and slash fanfic in various fandoms. Many lemons!
(various authors)
N One of the older and bigger GW archives. Many authors here, frequently updated.
N Where proud fans can declare their affiliation. No website required, just email.
(various authors)
N Home to the DHML Archive and Kikotei's GW Archive. Tons of fics and pics!
N A 3x4 AU shrine. Go read "Chiaroscuro", a shounen-ai story about Catholic schoolboys.
(various authors)
N Heero and Duo-centric. Many authors and artists, constantly updated!
MikAAislin Nymph or Ais
(various authors)
N Has some hard to find authors. Fanart, essays, amusing commentary, and more.
N Epic yaoi and shounen-ai fiction.
N Personal site with fics, cute 1+2 comic strips, and a lovely site design.
N Mucho fanart, various pairings, by the talented Pond. Lemony 1x2 fics here too.
(various authors)
N Select fics, commissioned and doujinshi pics, fanfic contests and more.
N Many absorbing WIP series fics here, only wish she'd update more often.
(various authors)
N Oldest, most massive archive of GW fanfic. The forums are a must visit as well.
N Fanfic archive, gallery and links for
N The biggest doujinshi gallery I've ever seen! Zillah's fiction, and lots of fanart. Kracken
N Angsty, hurt/comfort fanfic by Kracken and some lovely fanart by Max Merquise.

MoR Datefic Contest Sharon
N Fanfic contest - Duo and Heero on a date. Deadline: June 30/2003.
1x2 AU Novella Challenge Nitid, Genki, Sonny
N Fanfic contest - 25,000 words minimum, deadline June 30/2003.
Tsukimono Otoshi Izora Jade
N Fanart contest - yaoi/het/yuri, Black & White, Color, Solo, Couple and Group pictures.

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