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The 1x2/2x1 English Fan Sites

Nitid: This is a list of recommended English-speaking artists who do 1x2x1 fanart. Some are available for commissions, some are not. Commissionable artists are noted. Many of the artists' works are displayed at the galleries over at Moments of Rapture. If you're looking for Japanese or Korean sites (Chinese & Thai links to come), see the list of 1x2x1 Asian Fanart Recs.

The Sticky Issue of Paying for Fanart

The idea of *paying* for fanart was unthinkable to me before I entered GW fandom. But that was before I came across fan comics, also known as doujinshi, and fanart commissions.

Note that Comiket, Tokyo's semiannual doujinshi marketplace/convention for manga and anime, boasts over 400,000 attendees. The only comparable convention in North America is Anime Expo, geared to anime and manga in general, not just doujinshi. The attendance record so far is 15,000.

In Japan, these fan comics, or doujinshi, are freely printed and sold by amateurs, and are tolerated by the copyright owners. The Japanese take a more liberal view than we do in North America - they recognise that fanwork is attention, more publicity for them, and by tolerating it, they support their fans. For more about doujinshi, take a look at this faq and this Lawrence Lessig interview. For something more in-depth, see this paper: Copyright and Comics in Japan: Does Law Explain Why All the Cartoons My Kid Watches are Japanese Imports?.

I believe the whole subject of fanart is in a grey area, much like print fanzines in other Western fandoms. It's more a payment for the investment of time and materials used. I personally prefer commissioning fanart over getting new doujinshi, because I get to choose what image I want to see brought to life, and I can control quality to a certain extent by choosing the artist. Whereas buying doujinshi is always fraught with risks unless you've seen samples of the artist's work.

Don't Steal Art, Ask For Permission to Link or Host

Use some common sense. I see people going rabid over plagiarised fanfic or, in other fandoms, fics being posted with permission. Same deal should go for pics. If you want a pic for the wallpaper on your computer screen, that's fine. However, if you want to put it on your own webpage, you should ASK. Send the artist some encouragement. Feedback email can only inspire them to create more, right?

FANARTIST RECS - Some available for commissions

*Prices listed are for 2 characters, colour digital CG art, cel-style, no background. Be sure to check the artist's individual pages or email them for more specific rates.
Favorites are indicated by bold font - often chosen for a mix of artistic talent and client service.
Artist/Site Comments Price* Waitlist Paypal? Remarks by
Akiko's Reality. German site, but lots of English, self explanatory navigation. There are some very creative pics here, I especially like 'Orinico Flow' which has Duo and Heero in a pool of water. Duo looks especially sweet and the characters both look very pretty. Has several doujinshi as well, I haven't looked through them yet. Site contains shounen-ai, all Heero x Duo. :) n/a n/a n/a Nitid
Akiko Hiromoto
Autumn Breeze. In GW fandom, known for her comic strips that were displayed on Mbp's GW laundromat comic page, NPASR. Not a lot of GW fanart here, mostly sketchy oekaki-like pieces, but there are some nice full body poses, and she has this way of making the characters look dashing. See Duo in GW pic #4 on her site. n/a n/a n/a Nitid
Asuka Kureru
Fanart by Asuka Kureru
Archived at SweetlySour.Net. A lot of 1x2 and some 1x2x5. Shounen-ai and yaoi. Asuka has a great imagination, and the angles and some of concepts behind the pictures are inspiring and unique. My favourites in her gallery are "Embrace" and "Phoenix and Dragon". n/a n/a n/a Nitid
Baby Pen
Archived at and the Gallery. Wispy, elegant figures that seem to transcend gender boundaries and exude class. Might be too pricey for people new to commissions, but her art is still very nice to look at for free. She's also selling her own GW 2003 calendar. $60+ ? Yes Nitid
CJ's Shrine
Archived at CJ has a way of drawing Duo that makes him seem ethereal and otherworldly. There's not a lot of GW art here, but what I've seen are generally long limbed, lean graceful bodies. A detailed and somewhat androgenous style reminiscent of Japanese doujinshi. n/a n/a n/a Nitid
Death No Longer
Archived at Fanworkrecs. 1+2. Mostly black and white lineart with some colouring, but what lineart! Fabulous detail and innovative concepts. Possibly the most creative artist in this fandom. He tackles some tough and angsty poses. $? ? ? Nitid
Duo Radon
Laughing Jackal. Duo Radon does absolutely gorgeous renditions of Heero and Duo, and adorable furry versions. This is one artist who actually studied animation and design, as amply demonstrated by the professional quality of the artwork. Content is mostly Heero and Duo pics (yay!). Shounen-ai and yaoi. This is a MUST visit site. To get into the commission queue will take some patience, but once your name is up, turnaround is quick and the results are well worth the wait. $40+ long/not avail No Nitid
Kapuchi-no Kafe. A very friendly and good-natured artist who's quite responsive to email. IceCap has a gorgeous doujinshi style; her watercolours are simply lovely with lots of subtle pastels. Like Liz Chesterman, an absolute pleasure to work with. Note that watercolours are generally pricier than digital CG art, I'm assuming because of the increased time involved to create them. Price listed is the starting price for a watercolor, simple background. $50+ quick Yes Nitid
Jurty's Gallery. Jurty's native language is Russian, but there's an easy to navigate English version of the site. I commissioned a "Duo & Heero wedding pic" from her, and I was very happy with the result. Her figures are more masculine looking, and yet there's still an aura of innocence about them. Site contains a variety of pairings, shounen-ai and het. $30+ quick Yes Nitid
Rays of Joy Jam. Juzilla's recent artwork is eyecatching and she's even published her own Hikaru no Go fan-doujinshi. Generally good detail, great use of colour and shading, nice grasp of the human male form. I commissioned a pic of Duo and Heero in the rain from her and was quite happy with it. She's a big yaoi fan, so you won't have any trouble with yaoi pose requests. The commentary on her website is quite amusing so have fun surfing! $25+ quick Yes Nitid
Silvertales. Great layout and use of space and depth in Kitsune's pictures, such as in "Demons", a cover pic for Bonne & Von's fanfic of the same name. More recently, her 1x2 pic for Ravynfyre's Inferno's Touch 2002 Calendar is my favourite. Masculine, but not muscle bound boys, sexy and romantic. I inquired in Fall 2002 and was told that she would not be taking new commissions for awhile. $40+ not avail No Nitid
Liz Chesterman
Imaginator Central. Technically superior, with an excellent eye for detail. Marvelous with shadows and lighting. Take a look at her portfolio and you'll see competencies in different mediums and forms - a range that is often lacking in yaoi or shounen-ai artists. However, talent alone isn't the only reason. What wins me over completely is her professionalism and responsiveness - she's very good about conferring to make sure the picture is exactly as envisioned, and there's a status page indicating the progress of the picture as well. Highly recommended artist, more like a pro artist than fanartist and probably the only one on this list that I'd recommend to het art-collecting friends. I was extremely happy with her rendition of my AU idea - 'Duo in a palanquin and Heero guarding him'. $40+ quick Yes Nitid
Max Merquise
Also archived at A Little Piece of Gundam Wing. 1x2, 6x2. Look under "Kracken" in the fanfiction archive, or browse the art at Kracken's site. High quality CG work, fabulous use of colour in some of the backgrounds. The bishounen are very stylized and masculine in some pics, and Duo looks quite feminine in others. $? ? ? Nitid
Noux Anime Art. French site, has English version. Noux accepts Paypal for commissions, a convenience that I appreciate over other fanartists. Great to work with. Her strength is in drawing male bodies and poses, and her work is getting better all the time. Site contains shounen-ai and yaoi, a variety of different pairings. The artist is currently on hiatus because of family matters. $30+ long Yes Nitid
Cloud 9. Pko's style has matured over the years, and her recent CG pics are just wonderful, wonderful eyecandy. There's quite a range in style, but mostly the sweetish, androgynous bishounen look that verges on the feminine. Site contains a variety of pairings, shounen-ai and yaoi, but plenty of recent eyepopping 1x2. Email artist for availability. $? ? ? Nitid
PL Nunn
Bishonen Works. PL Nunn has a very distinctive style, and if you don't mind that her characters all look similar, she's probably the artist that more mature slashfans will enjoy. Unlike many other anime fanartists, PL Nunn's characters have lean, defined muscles, are almost aggressively masculine, and yet retain a male beauty all their own. Site contains a variety of pairings, lots of yaoi, *STEAMY* yaoi. I haven't commissioned anything from her yet, but from what I've observed, PL Nunn is a very reliable artist with consistent high quality output. $30+ ? Yes Nitid
Destiny Interrupted. Previously known as Ponderosa's Corner. Lots and lots of slender, cutesy bishounen, nice CG artwork, some crossdressing as well. I've commissioned some cute pics from this artist. Contains a variety of pairings, yaoi, het and yuri. $20+ quick-avg Yes Nitid
Archived at Lev's Lair or visit Silke's work at the Gallery. 1+2, 3+4, 13+5, 6+5. My favourites: "Fortune Caster" and "Willing Slave", which don't have that glossy, polished CG look I usually prefer, but the delicate watercolours and the extraordinary detail in these pics are worth a second and a third look. Note that the commission price listed is for a watercolor, single character, limited background. $25+ quick Yes Nitid
Shdlm's Fanart. Mostly black and white lineart, with a lot of nice detail. Go see my favourite pic, "The Angel With a Sword" under the section 'art not based on fanfiction' to see an incredible amount of stippling. Male forms and figures here are not the classic bishounen, but realistically proportioned. Shounen-ai and yaoi, lots of 1x2. $? ? ? Nitid
Fanart by Triton
Archived at Lev's Lair. 1+2, 3+4. A sweet, shounen-ai style, with slender, graceful bishounen. "The Delivery Gift" has cuddly G-boy chibis, "The Velveteen Trowa" is a simple picture but the concept makes me go 'awwww'. "Untitled" is my favourite - a moody, and gorgeous sepia piece, I'd love to see more in this vein. There is a pensive, almost brooding quality to the faces that make me think angst fic. n/a n/a n/a Nitid
Team Inferno 2003
From Fanart firefighter calendar by various artists. Inspired by Ravynfyre's "Inferno's Touch" fanfic, which can be found at GWAddiction. I liked some of the 2002 pics better, but I can't find the link for it. If the previous links don't work, try the Yahoogroups Ravynfyre-fics ml for more info and fanart. n/a n/a n/a Nitid

Caveat Emptor

This is a list of artists who have reneged on their agreement and turned out to be unreliable. In most cases only time was lost, not money, but it's still been very irritating. If you encounter these artists on Ebay or on the web, be careful! Note that these sites may still be worth visiting to look at the free art, but commissioning is another matter entirely.

  • Liz Cheng of Planet Pluto - Agreed to take on a commission, never got back to me. If people change their minds about doing a commission, the least they can do is give me the courtesy of a reply.

  • BlackRose of - possibly a big Wufei/Duo fan, though she did agree to take on a 1x2 commission, no reply to my inquiry on status a month later (Nov 2002). Ditto on the courtesy of a reply. I don't think I'll ever try her again but her art is nice to look at.

  • Komala Singh of - one of the few artists out there that do NC-17 yaoi. I commissioned a $50 piece from her in Nov 2002. Last time I asked her in Feb 2003 she said she was 'working on it'. Luckily, I didn't pay her in advance. (Update July 18/2003: She wrote me back and apologized, said she had been working 60 hour weeks. Which is fine, but I really would have preferred to hear that *before* she accepted the commission.)

  • Mirana of Mirana's Mythology - I have it on good authority that the buyer paid $65 for the art, but has been waiting over a year now. (Update July 17/2003: She wrote back, blamed her customers for not contacting her. Denial, denial, denial. You have the info now, why haven't you delivered?)

  • Yamato of Heero's Ferret. She's not accepting commissions anymore, so this may be moot, but she's also received payments in advance and hasn't delivered.

  • Spoony of Forky's Anime. Her Ebay id is also Forkysanime. Stay far, far away. Decent art, has no honor. Makes up excuses about things getting lost, email *and* snail mail. I know a friend has commissioned pictures from her, gotten some of them after nagging, and has given up on four other pieces. I did a search on Google and there's other fan cel collectors who aren't happy with Forkysanime.

    I could list more artists with some of the snarky and juvenile comments I've seen about my wanting to commission yaoi, or people being irresponsible and me having to almost nag (once a month) to get pieces finished, but I've only put the worst offenders above.

    If you have an experience with an artist you want to warn people about, just leave a comment in the feedback form at the bottom of the page.

  • Acknowledgements

    I am forever grateful to the webmistress of Moments of Rapture for sharing her fanart commissions with the rest of us 1x2 fans, for hosting my commissions, and for getting me addicted to this new hobby in the first place. :)

    Other Resources

    To fellow collectors of anime-style art, you may be interested in joining a small mailing list devoted to sharing and discussing quality or commissioned fanart. The list is a private one managed by Herve, who's also the webmaster of To be eligible for list membership, there are only three rules:

    1. they be active, i.e. sharing.
    2. they must be courteous.
    3. It must be anime or anime like pic. It can be yaoi, yuri, straight, bisexual pic or from any fandom. But it has to be theirs and of course it must look good.
    If you fit the criteria, feel free to email me and I can pass on more info about the list.

    Is Your Favorite Artist Missing?

    More artists to come. However, if you have a favorite artist that isn't mentioned here, just use the form below to add your recommendation. Try also visiting the 1x2x1 Asian Fanart Recs page.

    Home to the DHML Archive and Kikotei's GW Archive. Tons of fics and pics!
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