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The 1x2/2x1 Asian (Mostly Japanese) Fan Sites

I was going to make this a guide to yaoi art sites, but then I realised:
  • If I don't know the characters, it might as well be porn to me, whether it's nude m/m or m/f.
  • If I don't have a stake in the characters, shounen-ai pics aren't interesting either.
  • Anime-style art is an acquired taste: Big eyes, pointy chins, cookie cutter figures, wraith-like or emaciated bodies, or just plain girly boys, weird eye/hair color, etc.
  • Fanart of anime is rarely worth a second glance unless you're a big fan of the anime.
  • However, there are some excellent sites out there. And being a Heero/Duo fan, hence the 1x2/2x1-only guide.

Surfing through the Japanese sites using Babelfish, I get the distinct impression that the HeeroxDuo fanbase is either: a) bigger b) more organised c) more dedicated d) or all of the above. At least the artists anyway. I suspect that the English fans are more prolific with fanfic. Last time I checked, Fanfiction.Net had around 25,000 Gundam Wing stories, although that number has probably been reduced by the NC-17 ban. Here's my guide to some of the more interesting Japanese 1x2 sites.

Attention: DO NOT STEAL ART!

Taking art from other webpages without permission will make it harder for the rest of us to enjoy pics as the offended artists either move their sites, password protect them, or take down their galleries completely. If you want a pic for the wallpaper on your computer screen, that's fine, but to put it on your own webpage, you should ASK. Use Babelfish to translate from English to Japanese and paste into a multi-lingual email client, like Hotmail. Some of the Japanese artists also understand English and will write back and reply if you try emailing them. I've had some email me back and say thank you for the comments. Feedback email can only inspire them to create more, right?

Online Fanarts Protection

Really Basic Japanese

Yeah, go ahead and laugh. Unlike some anime otakus, I have no desire to learn Japanese. But, I've managed to pick up a few things in spite of myself. Thanks to Sana and Reishin for sending me doujinshi scans of what Duo's and Heero's names looked like in Japanese text. I downloaded the Japanese fonts from Maniackers Design and basically did a hunt and peck looking for the characters.

Highly Recommended Sites

Sean-nos Cyberproject is one of the best sites out there. Japanese, but lots of English, and easy to navigate. Awesome layout, and many Heero and Duo shounen-ai pics in AU settings. High quality CG graphics, and some sketches of other GW characters as well. The artist is really nice - I was able to buy a poster print of a gorgeous cyberpunk picture here.
How To Loiter. (1) Japanese. The banner for this site doesn't do it justice! Sweet, romantic shounen-ai pics here. Duo and Heero look quite innocent and they're very cute.
Oceanarium. Korean, but English menu, easy to navigate. Not a lot of Gundam Wing here, but the few pics that are here, are very high quality CG. And woohoo, the artist takes Gundam (Wing and Seed) requests!
Kon-yo Nostalgia. (2) Japanese. Last time I was here, it was a creative honeycomb layout, and has since changed, so the artist is pretty consistent with updates. Very *sexy* CG work and sweet canon-style comics here. Some parts are password protected, so you'll have to email the webmaster.
(1)Site Title = "Michikusa-Sinan" translated as "lingering on the way/loiter" and "giving lessons" = "How To Loiter". Translation thanks to Yuuma Kamibata.
(2)The webmaster of the site explains that "Kon-yo" means "geography/earth/the Earth/world" in an old Japanese word of Chinese origin. Since it's very unusual, those who know this meaning hardly exist in Japan. Translation again thanks to Yuuma Kamibata.

Strongly Recommended Sites

My Universe in a Birdcage. Japanese. Site was down for renovation but is back. Lots of AU, just scrumptious CG pics. Please don't steal! Write email to the artist instead and encourage her to create more.
Gauze-Night. Japanese. You've probably seen the lovely pics from this talented artist plastered on someone else's site, or modified as a banner. :( Duo actually looks more male here than in many other art sites. Wide range of style and perspective.
TOB. Japanese. A distinctive style. Mostly pics of Duo. He's not femmy here, but more aggressively masculine than in most Japanese fanart pages I've seen. Style ranges from soft pastel watercolor to more casually drawn bold markers. Duo looks slightly different in every pic.
Ash. Japanese. (1x2, 3x5) Almost classic Japanese dj style. Duo and Heero look rather ethereal and pretty in a feminine way, here.
Style Y. Japanese. Not a lot of CG art here but they put up a lot scans from their doujinshi! Eight different stories, last time I checked. I liked "Melty Kiss", which was very sweet. :)
Blue on Blue. Japanese. Yuka is incredibly prolific and has recently produced a lot in a short period of time. A rarity, since most Japanese fanartists have stopped producing new 1x2 fanart and have moved on to other fandoms. The eyes are drawn a little too huge for the face for my taste, but overall the coloring and shading is beautiful.

Special Themes

If you had any doubt about the size and activity level of Heero/Duo fandom...just look at this, 1x2x1, which itself is a subset of GW fandom, has its own cliques and special interest groups.
Bloodshed. Japanese. Just like it sounds. Quality of artwork varies. A webpage featuring various artists and writers, centering around Duo-torture, essentially.
Duo Cat Alliance. Again, quality of artwork varies from poor to excellent. A webpage featuring various artists and writers who like Duo as a cat.
Girl Union - A clique for those who like chibi, girl-Duo art and stories. Yes, Duo's supposed to be male...but whatever floats your boat.

Jump Points for More Surfing

Space Walker
A 1x2 Event List. Tracks the conventions where 1x2 circles or artists will appear. Lots of links to circles and sites here.
1x2 Webring
One of the bigger Gundam Wing rings, with over 200 sites.
2x1 Webring
A smaller ring of 70+ sites. Strange, I thought 2x1 was more popular in Japan. Perhaps it's just the doujinshka, and not the fans? *puzzled*
HeeroxDuo Project.
Now called 1x2 Bunko HP. A showcase of different circles. I figured out HP might stand for HomePage, but heck if I know what Bunko means. I saw this earlier in the year, but now there's broken internal links and it looks like the project's ended.
Love 12 Union
Online clique for people who like Duo and Heero. Long list of members, not all have sites.
Countdown Lovers
Looks like a Duo-Heero only convention, held Oct 13, 2002. I saw banners for this starting back in early spring of 2002. Wowza, talk about organised and planning ahead! I'm told that the 'Duo-maker' game on this site is a Japanese Flash game using a combination of dj artist pictures and short Japanese novels. Requires the ability to read and type Japanese. However, there are lots of site links here for the rest of us.
Heero-Duo World Expo
Ambitious sounding title, heh. 1x2 only event, Feb 23, 2003. Too bad we don't have more amateur manga artists and things like this in North America. Again, circle links.
Dangerous Hazard
2x1 only event, Feb 16, 2003. Not much here yet but I assume they'll have links to 2x1 circles soon.
Final Mission
Heero x Duo only event, June 1, 2003. See the links to get to the homepages of participating artists.
Clique for members who like Duo as a uke, or bottom.
Heero Union
Clique for members who are Heero fans.
Heero Duo Alliance
A clique for Heero and Duo fans. I think this is one of the older cliques, but I'm not sure. The banner looks like an electric socket...I'm guessing they're comparing Duo and Heero to a kind of electrical yin-yang or AC/DC? Email me or leave a comment if you know what it says.
Duo Maxwell Webring
Small ring of 51+ members. Some 1x2 in here too.
Heero Webring
A smaller ring of 18 members. Some 1x2 here as well.
Gundam Wing Operation Search
Directory of Gundam Wing couple shrines, not just 1x2. Rofl, meticulously organised by who's seme and uke for each G-boy pairing. Currently closed for renovation. Gah, I hope that face isn't of Relena. Why didn't they use a Gboy?


Big thank you to the generous Yuuma Kamibata of for translating some of the Japanese webpage titles, and explaining some of the sites to me.

Is Your Favorite Site Missing?

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